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Tired of other social platforms turning into TikTok?

Well, there’s still one platform that’s super loyal to its mission and happy to stand out in the crowded social media sea: LinkedIn!

LinkedIn is primed to pop off in 2023, so if you’re a business owner or business professional, I have some tips, tricks, and insights to help you and your business experience wild success on this one-of-a-kind platform.

In this episode of the podcast, I talk about:

  • The amazing results my clients are getting
  • Less energy, more ROI
  • The 80/20 social media rule for businesses
  • Why messaging is best on LinkedIn
  • Yes! You can be vulnerable on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn’s new creator focus
  • TikTok’s influence on LinkedIn
  • Post and ghost
  • 2023 trends on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Jumpstart Challenge

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “They've left those vanity metrics behind. We're really focusing on quality here over quantity, and they're actually having dynamic conversations with potential clients, and collaboration partners. And this is all because of LinkedIn.” – Andréa Jones
  • “LinkedIn of today, it's a little different. With the rise of personal brands, LinkedIn has really exploded as a platform for those of you who wanna professionally network with those in your space. So you're building your network of professionals, and the rise of personal brands has really seen a really dynamic shift into more people using LinkedIn as a tool to grow their personal brand.” – Andréa Jones
  • “Now I was reading this article on chief.com all about the rise of the LinkedIn influencer and one of the folks interviewed in this article said that LinkedIn influencers are really showing people on the platform that you can be yourself. It doesn't have to be stuffy and buttoned up.” – Andréa Jones
  • “There is a strategy for LinkedIn pages. There's a place and a time for LinkedIn pages, but for the most part, we recommend focusing on growing your network using your personal profile on LinkedIn. And LinkedIn actually rewards people who use your personal profile.” – Andréa Jones
  • “LinkedIn rewards users who actually use the platform. That means you're actually networking, you're building your network, you're being in community with your fellow folks there on LinkedIn.” – Andréa Jones
  • “This pandemic is still affecting the way people talk about the world around them. So if it is something that is important to you and to your customers, you absolutely want to show up in that way as well and have those conversations on social media.” – Andréa Jones
  • “If I'm showing up on LinkedIn, I'm gonna talk about…the power of empathy and leadership. And so I want you to think about how you can show up with this trending topic in your business. It's no longer about being, you know, perfectly polished, the best at everything. It's about admitting your mistakes and being able to show your growth from there.” – Andréa Jones

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