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Not the biggest fan of social media, but you know it’s almost necessary to grow your business?

You’re in good company because my guest Shannon Siriano Greenwood, Founder, and CEO of Rebelle, the network catering to women professionals, wishes she could live without it. But she understands the power and benefits of social media, especially when it comes to building a community.

In this episode, Shannon shares the deets about her platform of choice, LinkedIn. For someone who claims social media isn’t her favorite thing in the world, her strategies for engagement, posting, and building revenue can help any business owner shift their approach and find success on LinkedIn.

In this episode of the podcast, we talk about:

  • Connections through storytelling
  • Why cold outreach is best on LinkedIn
  • Sending DMs without being annoying
  • Relationship-Driven Sales
  • Why LinkedIn is perfect for introverts
  • Why Shannon spends an hour a day on LinkedIn
  • How to format your story posts for greater reach

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About the Guest:

Founder, leader, and community builder, Shannon Siriano Greenwood is most passionate about sharing the stories of exceptional people.

Shannon is the Founder and CEO of Rebelle, a network for women professionals looking to earn more, prioritize themselves, and create their own path to success while paving the way for generations to come.

Eternally curious, Shannon has interviewed thousands of women from celebrities to founders, authors, physicians, creatives, and every day women to understand their perspectives and share their experiences with audiences big and small.


Memorable Quotes:

  • “I actually don't really like social media, but I do like, storytelling, and I like connecting with other people that have interesting stories to share. And so I kind of found my home on LinkedIn accidentally, I think.” – Shannon Siriano Greenwood
  • “What I found is actually this whole amazing community of people that are both potential clients for my business but also just really interesting advocates that have platforms that they're really willing to share with others, which is another thing that I think is lacking on other social accounts.” – Shannon Siriano Greenwood
  • “The cool thing about LinkedIn is people are there to represent their organization, but they're also there as individuals and themselves. So while I think yes if you're selling into a business, it's a really important place to be if you're selling directly to an individual, it's also a really important place to be.” – Shannon Siriano Greenwood
  • “If you're not the kind of person that's like bold enough to just DM a random, you can start by engaging with what other people are posting. And what I find is some of my best content comes from a reaction or response that I have to something somebody else wrote.” – Shannon Siriano Greenwood
  • “I love this advice so much because it really makes LinkedIn feel so much more approachable, and you know, actually participating and being social on the platform is a way to show up. You don't have to like have a message and shout it.” – Andréa Jones
  • “So, my approach honestly to posting is, how do I tell a story? And I think the storytelling element of LinkedIn is easy for me. It's just written words. Every once in a while, I'll use images, but written words are my way of telling intriguing, captivating stories.” – Shannon Siriano Greenwood
  • “It's not just like a vulnerable share, it's a vulnerable share with intention behind it. Because this is me essentially like walking the walk, uh, versus just telling people they should be doing brave things in their life. So I have plenty of vulnerable, messy things that happen in my life that don't make sense to share those stories on platforms like this. It does have to be intentionally tied to what I want for the people that I'm serving in my business.” – Shannon Siriano Greenwood

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