How do you grow your audience on social media without ads? The key is networking! I’ve used social media networking as the foundation of my social media organic growth strategies for myself and my clients over the years. The premise is simple: meet people on social media who would potentially give you money for your “thing.” Simple yet incredibly challenging to execute because as soon as we start talking about what we do, it can feel… icky. So how do we, as creatives and business owners, connect with people in such a way that still helps us move the needle?

In this episode, I cover:

  • How to network without feeling spammy
  • How to leverage Facebook groups specifically
  • How to be professional yet stay true to yourself
  • How much time to spend on all of this

And more! Hang out with me as we take a peek into the world of being friendly on social media (without being a total weirdo).

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