Should you even spend money on social media? How do you know when you need to outsource social media tasks? And how much of your budget should go into marketing overall? In this week’s podcast, I sat down with Nechelle Bartley to answer some of these questions!

We talked about:

  • How to create a business plan
  • The importance of knowing when to invest in marketing
  • What your first business investment should be
  • When NOT to invest in ads

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Listen to the Episode:

Memorable Moments

“The more that you understand what you want, you are then able to determine the costs and have deeper conversations around how to get there.”

“Sometimes you don’t necessarily need to go out and find new clients. You need to manage the clients you already have.”

About Nechelle Bartley:

As a Financial Strategist, Nechelle Bartley works 1:1 with professionals and entrepreneurs to make their vision boards a financial reality. With over 19+ years experience in finance and project management, she is able to examine her client's mindsets, habits and road blocks, and gets real with their current financial situation, so they can review ALL of their options to develop an inside out financial strategy centered on maximizing their cash flow and becoming true CEO's of their money.

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