We’re all aware just how hard it is to pinpoint where to focus your energy when it comes to online marketing and social media. Jereshia Hawk shares some incredible but practical tips for leveraging the tools you already have and using your own story to create valuable content so you can grow your business organically—without all the bells and whistles!

In this podcast episode, we discuss: 

  • How Jereshia transitioned from the corporate world to the coaching world
  • Why Jereshia believes it’s important to listen and be open to new ideas 
  • How Jereshia uses Facebook and Facebook Live to build her business 
  • The power of using videos with clear titles and calls to action that communicate value 
  • How to address common struggles of Facebook groups
  • The value of active listening and speaking the language of your potential clients 
  • Jereshia’s approach for Instagram Stories and creating content based on her journey
  • The importance of letting go of comparison and unfollowing or blocking negativity 

Listen to the episode here:

Memorable Quotes:

  • “I think it’s important that women not only have a seat at the table, but that they have a voice once they get there.” 
  • “Even it’s a phenomenal idea, if you can’t convert it to a legit business opportunity with a revenue stream and potential to earn money, it’s just a great idea.”  
  • You’re not selling to yourself. You’re selling to your client.
  • “You might have a great service or great product but if you’re not speaking the language of your people, they may not understand how you can help them.”
  • “Your content should be a documentation of your journey; it should include your process, your failures and your struggles.”

Meet Jereshia: 

Jereshia Hawk went from leading $400 Million pipeline projects as an engineer to doubling her corporate salary and quitting her job within the first year of starting her online business. She has helped hundreds of coaches, consultants and freelancers turn their side hustle selling services into six figure businesses through her proven program, Services That Sell. This proven process teaches students how to cut through the confusion and start selling their services consistently without the bells and whistles. Simply focusing on the fundamentals and nailing the basics so they can build a sustainable business online. 

She has received national media coverage in numerous print, online and top podcasts including Forbes, Black Enterprise, Side Hustle Pro Podcast, and more. Jereshia enjoys long walks down the school supply isle fashionably in athleisure attire. If you want a simple way to sell your services online so you can exponentially grow not only your impact, but your income, she's the woman for you!

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