Social media’s not going anywhere anytime soon so why not leverage the most popular platforms to build the business you’ve been dreaming about?

Gertrude “Gee” Nonterah knows what it’s like to leave the 9-5 world and become a successful freelancer. She explains the ins and outs of searchable social media platforms, the best strategy for posting videos on YouTube, her approach to building a social media content strategy, and how to find and grow an audience that’s already looking for you!

In this podcast episode, we share:

  • How Gee used social media to drive traffic to her first blog
  • Why Gee believes in creating searchable content for YouTube
  • Suggestions for creating relevant videos that will boost your audience
  • How Gee shares her content on social media using thumbnails
  • Other types of content Gee posts on social media
  • Why consistent content and providing value can help build your business

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “With freelancing, you don’t need a crowd, you don’t need a social media following. You just need a client, or 2 or 3, to make a full time income…”
  • “When you’re doing a service… it doesn’t stop after you get the client. You have to show up and deliver and continue serving them.”
  • “I talk about searchable content but it doesn’t mean non-searchable video content isn’t relevant, either.”
  • “I wind up creating content around my content to drive people into that funnel so that they ultimately find my paid products.”

About Gee:

Gee Nonterah is a former registered nurse and medical scientist turned freelancer writer, author and online content creator.

Gee is the host of the Create & Prosper Show, a podcast that helps aspiring writers create stellar content and build profitable businesses. She is the host of the YouTube channel of the same name (Create & Prosper) that now has 1400 subscribers.

Gee started blogging in 2014 as a way to chronicle her journey to financial freedom using online business and succeeded in using the blog and social media to build a successful freelance content creation business from scratch.

When she is not creating client content, her own content or writing books, Gee enjoys a good spy movie.

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Free first chapter of Gee’s new book, Win At Freelance Writing

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