Starting (and growing) your online biz doesn’t have to feel like you're handcuffed to the keyboard. There’s an easier way…

Jessica Rodriguez would know. She went from working 4 jobs to attracting an online community of 7,000 followers–just by sharing her passion. And leveraged it into a thriving business.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Your 20-minutes-a-day strategy for engaging with your online audience.
  • How to let go of the content creation reins (and ensure it stays on voice).
  • Why a smaller, super engaged audience converts 5% better.
  • 3 questions to ask when determining the ROI of your social media efforts.
  • Her #1 Tip for introverts to up their DM game AND conversions.
  • How much time you should be spending on content creation (hint: not as long as you think!)

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “If I can acknowledge each person on a social platform, that's really the same thing people are doing when they're networking locally. So that's the difference maker there.”
  • “As business owners, we feel like we should do it all, especially social media. No, you can outsource pieces. That's highly encouraged.”
  • “How can you genuinely appreciate somebody else? I always call it ‘DM Love Bombs.’ That's pretty much what I'm doing.”
  • “If you have a connected audience and you can be converting… 10% because you took that time to do those small things, then guess what? You actually don't need as many people.”

About the Guest:

As the CEO of Freedom Driven Success, Jessica Rodriguez is on an unapologetic mission to help online businesses expand beyond a 1:1 reliant business model with scalable offers that allow them to amplify their impact and profit, without increasing their work hours.

Not one to shy away from sharing the whole kit and caboodle, the Freedom Driven Success blog is jam-packed with straightforward strategies, behind-the-scenes insights, and powerful insights about what it really takes to run a business that serves you first.
Her Clients to Courses® framework guides women through her proven framework to break free from their maxed-out business model and create sustainability through the power of profitable online courses.

When not talking all things business, you can find Jessica making inappropriate jokes with her hubby, trying (and failing) to keep her furbabies from taking over the house, curled up on the couch binging Netflix, or traveling to experience whatever next adventure life brings.

Connect with her at or on Instagram at @freedomdrivensuccess


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