Having an email list or social media following is fantastic but neither really serve your business without audience engagement or conversions! Even though messenger bots have gotten somewhat of a bad rep, they’re excellent tools to reach your clients when used in the right way.

Chrystabelle Tan stops by to explain what a messenger bot is, where to start when building your own bots, how to understand Facebook’s rules about messenger marketing, and tools for having a successful messenger marketing strategy!

In this podcast episode, we share:

  • How Chrystabelle got interested in messenger marketing
  • What a messenger bot is and how it works
  • Examples of how messenger marketing has brought Chrystabelle success
  • How messenger bots increase engagement with your audience
  • Advice for where to start when beginning your own messenger marketing strategy
  • Tips for using Facebook messenger marketing
  • When businesses should consider using a messenger bot
  • Recommendations for marketers wanting to add messenger bots to their suite of services

Listen to the episode here:

Memorable Quotes:

  • “Messenger bots bring back a lot of personalization back into marketing…”
  • “Facebook messenger marketing in general is one of the best ways to move your audience from your social media or your list into messenger, and then convert them using engagements.”
  • “Once you know your goal, then you can start looking into the different tools that allow you to build these chat bots.”

About Chrystabelle:

Chrystabelle is the founder of Chrys Media where she helps high-ticket service providers engage their audience and scale up their business with Messenger marketing. She has been featured on Thinkific, Buffer, The Business Hour podcast, and has spoken at conferences such as Social Media Day Houston. Originally from Singapore, she now runs her messenger marketing agency online while traveling the world.

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