It’s easy to get lost in the world of social media, and a customized social media strategy is a surefire way to guide your business where you want it to be. Today, I’m sharing the difference between a virtual assistant, social media manager and social media strategist, along with 10 valuable ways a social media strategist can take your business to the next level!

In this podcast episode, I explain the 10 ways listed below:

  • Creates a custom-fit social media plan to your business
  • Helps you understand and research your target market
  • Provides hashtag and/or keyword optimization
  • Designs tailor-made social media posts
  • Writes social media captions in your brand’s voice
  • Schedules your posts to go out on time
  • Manages social media comments and messages
  • Grows your audience by finding potential clients/customers/readers/listeners
  • Creates reports that showcase your progress
  • Aligns your social media with your overall marketing goals

Listen to the episode here:

Memorable Quotes:

  • “A social media strategist requires minimal guidance…you’re paying for their capability to build out a social media plan that fits with your ENTIRE marketing marketing plan…”
  • “Your social media strategy is your plan for success.”
  • “It shouldn’t sound like a complete stranger has taken over your business. It should sound like YOU.”
  • “Consistency is the most important thing when it comes to measuring results on social media.”
  • “A social media strategist is constantly pivoting, adjusting, learning, and growing in a way that helps you with your overall marketing goals.”

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