Ready for more calls to lead to deals instead of dead-ends? Learn how to approach discovery and sales calls with a boss mindset using my solid 5 Point Sales Call Strategy so you can confidently close the deals you deserve!

In this podcast episode, I share:

  • How to know if you’re making calls with an employee mindset or boss mindset
  • My 5 Point Sales Call Strategy:
    1- Guide the Call
    2- Ask Questions
    3- Position Yourself as an Expert
    4- Allow for Follow Up Questions
    5- Ask for the Sale
  • Details about my new Mentorship Program and my secret goal for social media managers

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “I want you to show up to these calls with a boss mindset and not an employee mindset.”
  • “You are a boss. You own a business. You are not an employee…when you show up like a boss, you’re setting yourself up for success…”
  • “Make sure you get that answer and that response on the call…that will save you tons of time and also give you the opportunity to speak to their objections…”

Links Mentioned:

Mentorship Program for Social Media Managers
OnlineDrea YouTube Channel

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