Imagine having to rebrand your company, change your messaging and your whole website. Now imagine doing that again. No, thanks, right?

Anna Dievendorf from Fanbooster joins me to share how Traject did just that: survived the shift from Social Report to Traject Social and now Fanbooster, how they managed to keep going after losing vital Instagram functionality, why transparency and communication with customers will always be a top priority, and how being “customer-obsessed” can help gain the trust you need from clients as you navigate social media together!

In this podcast episode, we share:

  • Why transparency is so important with clients and employees
  • The power of open office hours and hosting 1:1 conversations with clients
  • Advice for how to become customer-obsessed and give customers what they really want
  • What’s next for Fanbooster and what isn’t
  • Suggestion for building a posting schedule and marking your posts as evergreen

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “We really invest a lot of time into creating face to face ways that our customers feel like they have a voice.”
  • “I would really encourage any other social media management platform to take that time, to really understand how the customers are using it, and have those conversations with them…”
  • “As someone who’s an agency owner and teaches other people who are budding social-preneurs, I think that tools like these are great to have in our back pocket.”

About Anna:

Anna Dievendorf is the Marketing Manager across all brands in the Traject family. She's focused on creating valuable content for her fellow marketers, and engaging with the marketers who rely on the Traject tools through social media, emails, blogs, and webinars.

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