A new year brings new business opportunities for social media managers—especially 2022. Because demand for digital marketing has never been stronger.

But the competition is STEEP.

How can you set yourself apart? Listen to today’s episode of the podcast for the 5 keys to your business growth in 2022 (whether that’s getting more clients or up-shifting into a fully staffed agency).

In this episode of the podcast, I talk about:

  • The #1 skill you need to master heading into 2022 to own the latest platforms like TikTok
  • Questions to ask yourself to get more wins for your clients & stay competitive
  • Is it really a good idea to double your rates?
  • 3 factors to consider when calculating your new rate
  • Why your business will never grow if you don't do this…
  • Who to hire based on your revenue: $100k, $250k, or $500k
  • 5 ways to WOW your clients, so they stick with you (& send referrals)

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “There's a lot of people right now looking for digital marketing services, and social media is one of those things that a lot of business owners need help with…And that's where social media managers come into play.”
  • “When we think about social media and how much it's changed, there is no excuse to not constantly be learning.”
  • “We were figuring out how to leverage TikTok for our clients. This isn't just making silly lip-sync videos or dancing. This is strategic. How do we strategically use TikTok as a tool to grow your business?”
  • “There's a lot more competition out there. So what that means is clients can pick and choose. And so how are you going to stand out?”
  • “I'm going to help you figure out the magic formula for understanding your profitability and your business. And profitability is key to this rate raising strategy. You've got to fully understand your numbers and not just be making enough to pay yourself.”
  • “You’ve got to have people that you can lean on. You shouldn't be doing everything yourself and in your business.”

Resources Mentioned:

Raise Your Rates free training for social media managers
Thrive Mentorship Program for Social Media Managers
Savvy Social School