She Podcasts is a popular podcasting community for women and non-binary folks.

While being popular is usually the holy grail of marketing, for She Podcasts, this meant a growing community that was becoming impossible to manage, especially when community growth wasn’t driving in increased revenue.

They tried different unique offerings, events, and tactics, but it wasn’t until they reached out to our team and developed a strategy that was perfect for their audience that they saw the results that would help them continue their membership growth while building a sustainable business.

Let’s dive in and see how our team of strategists and creatives was able to help She Podcasts continue serving their core audience without all of the added stress and uncertainty.

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The Challenge

She Podcasts had a good problem. Their community was growing, but they didn’t have the capacity to keep up with the growth in particular, keeping up with their side of engagement due to the overwhelming number of comments and direct messages they were receiving. All a good problem to have, but still a problem because they were worried that if they didn’t keep up with their side of the relationship, their followers would leave.

In addition to leaving, another concern was that their follower growth wasn’t leading to increased sales. The audience was there, but what do you do when you can’t convert a motivated audience into consistent customers?

They found their answer by reaching out to the team at OnlineDrea.

What We Did to Improve

To get started, we went back to the basics. We worked with She Podcasts to get specific about their current audience and who they wanted to speak to and gain a deeper understanding of their big why. This strategy reinforced and clarified the identity of She Podcasts: a safe space for women and non-binary folks.

To further segment and shore up the messaging to their audience, we began to distinguish the difference between their Facebook Group and their membership which allowed us to create targeted promotional and educational content that allowed their audience to have a clear picture of their offerings and make the informed decision to move further down the She Podcasts sales funnel.

Crafting this audience-centric content opened doors to more conversations with the people they want to serve most and allowed them the opportunity to build trust through podcasting education and increase the sense of community in both their Facebook Group and their membership.

Some of our content enhancements included reigniting their presence on Twitter which included engaging with other podcasters, re-tweeting thoughts and inspiration that would catch the attention of their audience, commenting on other popular posts in their niche, and increasing engagement by regularly posing questions to their audience.

This renewed audience engagement strategy was exactly what She Podcasts needed to begin converting their audience and building their authority in the podcast education and empowerment space.

The Results That Impact Far More Than Social Media

Any strategy can sound good, but at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is the results.

So how did this new community engagement strategy work out for She Podcasts?


We turned the burden of a growing community into a gift that keeps on giving. Our targeted content creation and promotional strategy, as well as clarifying their free vs paid offerings, made it crystal clear for their target audience, which led to increased growth to the tune of 21,000 new followers.

The beautiful thing is that because of our partnership, She Podcasts no longer had to be intimidated by this growth. They handed over community management to our social media engagement team, and our continued interaction with their audience upped the trust factor, allowing people to confirm that this inclusive and giving community is exactly where they belong.

As the She Podcast community grew, so did the enrollment in their paid offerings. Replacing a confusing message with a clear customer journey, the women and non-binary podcasters looking to be part of their paid community knew how to do it and jumped on the opportunity to learn more and engage more with the She Podcasts team.

A welcome surprise is that not only did this new strategy increase their community and revenue, it also established She Podcasts as a trusted industry authority. This has led to opportunities to teach at workshops and even their own Live Event, which is attended by hundreds of women and non-binary podcasters.

Words from the Client

“We didn't even hire your company until we were doing the event. I mean, up until then, we were juggling everything ourselves. And I think that made it really hard to have a business just doing it ourselves…it's hard to do all the things, and I was doing all the things, trying to monetize, and it just didn't work.” — Jessica Kupferman, She Podcasts

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