What if you created a brave space for the Black diaspora to belong and radically love themselves and their sexuality?

Dalychia & Rafaella, the founders of Afrosexology, have done exactly that – empowering their community with resources, knowledge, empathy – by welcoming questions of sexual curiosity and calling out oppressive practices and institutions that try to dampen Black sexuality.

While they had a healthy following of 118k followers on Instagram to start, and we grew their account to 132k, they had some speed bumps along the way with getting followers to their website for even juicier life-changing offers.

Queue: The OnlineDrea Team!

Keep reading to learn how OnlineDrea created content that aligned with their business strategy to support their small team.

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The Challenge: Converting Followers to Active Members of the Community

If you have a website and no one sees it… do you actually have a website?

This was the exact frustration Dalychia & Rafaella, the founders of Afrosexology, were having with their social accounts, which had a healthy following but lacked conversion of traffic and sales to their website.

They wanted to see their followers do more than engage in social media.

They wanted to lead them to a wealth of pleasure practices, self-love affirmations, and liberation using and purchasing resources from their website.

They also wanted to organically increase their following to expand their brand awareness and reach their targeted audience.

Afrosexology was so much more than social media, and Dalychia & Rafaella needed to leverage that following to reach a community that wanted to further invest in their own pleasure.

The Solution: Clear CTAs that Naturally Flowed, Zero-Click Content, and The Path to Least Resistance

Consumers are getting savvier, so the old “buy my stuff” CTA without first offering value can feel like the last ditch effort to sell a candy bar at the checkout lane.

Instead of taking this approach, our strategy dived into building a mutual relationship with actively engaged followers by encouraging them and directing them to the website for things like resources, workshops, webinars, and more.

More specifically, we did this through:

  • Conversational posts that asked thought-provoking questions
  • Educational posts that repurposed previous, yet valuable, information related to upcoming events with CTAs naturally feeding to the audience's curiosity & need.
  • Interactive posts with simple and fun journaling exercises to save & share online and in-person.

This resulted in an increase in website traffic from social media.

The Results: From Social Media Hum to Website Traffic Roar

When you give your audience…

✔️Clear CTAs that naturally flow and answer their curiosity 

✔️Value, build trust, and ask for zero-clicks

✔️Create a path to the least resistance

… you get an activated audience ready to invest in more!

In March 2022, Afrosexology’s social media traffic accounted for 7.9k (8%). By the end of April 2023, social media accounted for 17k (31.1%) of traffic!

  • Conversational posts and repurposed popular content resulted in a growth of followers on all platforms, but especially on Instagram (their main social media platform). 
    • The follower count grew from 118k  to 132k, a +2.2% increase. 
  • Through experimental social media content like video content and engagement pieces resembling “mini-workshops,” they expanded their reach to new followers of their target audience. This saw results like: 
    • An end reach of 33.3k +155.9% on Facebook. 
    • An end reach of 425.3k +54.8% on Instagram
  • The OnlineDrea team also incorporated a robust management strategy to help grow Afrosexology’s community and encourage more followers from social media to customers. 
    • Most impressive was Twitter, where by the end of April 2023, engagement grew by 3k for a +1670.62% increase! 

Beyond Results: Impact Far More than Social Media

Working with Dalychia & Rafaella was more than growing their social media presence, following, and numbers. 

It was about collaborating with them to reach and serve a community of underserved people who deserve to explore and expand their relationship to pleasure. 

Engagement with their newsletter, which improved conversion, offered proof that they were reaching their desired audience. The open rate went to a 50%+ open rate compared to the previous newsletter (40%+) and a 4% click rate compared to 1% for a previous newsletter before our team's involvement.

Our team partnership consisted of:

  • Collaboration on promotional campaigns for Afrosexology’s webinars and workshops. 
  • Working together on video creation and social media post creation from concept, visuals, sounds, and more. 
  • Community growth and maintenance. 
    • We helped Afrosexology maintain and grow its audience by engaging in a meaningful and authentic way that continued the promotion of posts and campaigns through management like story posts, re-tweets, thread conversations, and more.

We’re honored to have had the responsibility and their trust to foster an impactful, delicate, and very brave mission the world really needs. 

Words from the Client

“It was truly a pleasure working with the OnlineDrea team. As a small team, it was so supportive to have a group of folks dedicated to working on our social media. The team was creative, reliable, and always receptive to feedback. They worked hard to understand our industry, audience, and voice and create content that aligned with our business strategy. With them our traffic increased from social to our website from 8% to 31%. We also experienced a 55% increase in our social reach. We highly recommend working with this team if you’re ready to grow your business.”  – Dalychia & Rafaella, Creators of Afrosexology

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