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Understanding Your Relationship with Social Media

This mindfulness meditation is a part of the Social Media Unwind series.

Today, we’re exploring your relationship with social media.

Because social media in and of itself is not bad or negative. Oftentimes, it’s the thoughts we have about social media that turn into negative emotions.


An Overview of the Social Media Rockstar Framework

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Understanding Your Messaging Matrix


The 5 Pillars of Content Strategy

How to Manage Your Community

Caption Swipe Files

Caption Swipe File Examples (hundreds more in the Savvy Social School):


Imagine waking up this time next [day of the week] and no longer having to worry about [problem]

I’d bet you’d feel so much lighter, less stressed, and overall happier. 

I want to help you achieve that. 

My FREE [insert freebie] gives you a road map to achieve [results wanted]

If you’ve been wanting to [problem they need solved] then here’s your chance! 

Just click the link in my bio to snag it!2.)

If you’ve always wanted to [results] then keep reading!

I’m excited to announce that the doors are OPEN for [insert offer name].

This [program/course/service] was designed to help you [problem you solve] in [time frame]. 

And my [clients/students] have been getting amazing results.

➡ [testimonial 1]

➡ [testimonial 2]

Do you want to be the next one to [results]?

Then click that link in my bio and let’s get the party started!

I can’t wait to see you there!  3.)

[Ask a question that captures attention]

Today, I’m talking about [episode topic]..

In this podcast episode, I share:

🎙️[point 1]

🎙️[point 2]

🎙️[point 3]

🎙️[point 3]

🎙️[point 4]

… and more!

Simply search for “[podcast name]” on your favourite podcasting app! 🎧

Canva Graphic Templates

🔗 Click here to make a copy of these templates in your Canva account.

Wanna take things up a notch?

Nobody asks for just a little social media success. If you’re going to go all-in on social media, you need to do it right by getting the most out of your time, creative energy, and money. 


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