70 Types of Content to Share on Social Media for when you don't know what to post

You've got all your social media profiles set up, your website is looking spiffy, your email funnels are revved up and ready to go, and you're ready to tell the world about your awesome service or product.

You go to post something on social media but you're honestly not even sure where to start.

Sounds familiar? We've all been there before — trying to figure out what the HECK to post on social media besides a link to your website or landing page.

In my 3+ years as a social media manager, I've worked with businesses in varying industries from wellness to fashion and from start-up to seasoned small business. By creating thousands of pieces of content, I've gotten pretty good at coming up with things to share on social media.

Today, I'm going to share over 70 types of content that you share on social media for those moments when you don't know what to post.

Not Sure What to Post? Try this.

Original Content

  1. Share new blog posts. Have you been writing your own content? Be sure you’re linking them on social media!
  2. Re-share old blog posts. Okay, I know this is essentially the same thing, but the vast majority of your followers haven’t seen your old stuff yet, so don’t feel annoying if you re-post it later.
  3. Share your guest blog posts. Written something for someone else? Share that too! Not only are you sharing something that you've created, you're also giving your brand authority by alining yourself with other notable publications.
  4. Share an excerpt. If you have a long piece of content, share a helpful section, outline, or summary with your followers. Be sure to leave something open ended and include a link to the full thing.
  5. Share content that you’ve been quoted or featured in. Who’s talking about you? Make sure your followers have seen it!
  6. Share the latest news about you and your business. Are you hiring? Changing your hours? Buying some new equipment? Tell us about it.
  7. Answer an F.A.Q. This is an easy one if you already have an F.A.Q. page on your site, because you can repurpose the content and answer a common question in one swoop.
  8. Make a YouTube tutorial! This is an awesome way to not only be useful, but to develop a connection with your followers. All you really need is a webcam.
  9. Develop a mini-series. You just need a theme and a series of content pieces, either visual or textual, a hashtag, and a posting schedule.
  10. Slides from a presentation. If this sounds lame, remember that your aim as a page is to put useful content in front of your followers! If you gave a talk, put the slides on Slideshare and make them useful for your followers.
  11. Teaser content. Everyone loves feeling exclusive, so if you have some exciting new stuff coming out, drop a quick preview for your social media friends!
  12. Check your website analytics. If you’re stuck on content, glance over what has performed the best recently and try to something similar to the highest performing pieces of content.

Share Cool Things

  1. Post a cool infographic. Infographics are fun to make on free sites like Canva, and they don't have to be anything fancy. A simple chart or graph counts! Or, find one someone else made, just be sure and credit them.
  2. Share some cool data. What’s an awesome or surprising fact about your industry? Find some and share the factoid to the world!
  3. Post a link to your newsletter/email list sign-up. Newsletters are a fantastic way to keep in touch with your followers, so be sure they know where to do it. Don’t forget to tout the benefits!
  4. Link to Facebook groups that are relevant to your audience’s interests.
  5. Recommend a tool. Share a (preferably free) tool or resource you think your followers would find useful.
  6. Photo of a book you’re reading. Bonus points if it’s relevant to your area of service.
  7. Recommend a useful book. You don’t necessarily even have to have read it, but recommend some good reads for people who like the same things that you do. Be sure and tag the author!
  8. Share your workspace. Got a cute office? Or a really ugly office? People like to know where you’re working!
  9. Share a good quote. You don’t have to come up with all the nuggets of wisdom on your page. Sharing a quote that inspires or motivates you is fun and easy, and your followers might share it themselves.
  10. Link to an industry-related IFTTT recipe. Haven’t heard of IFTTT (short for If This Then That)? Check it out! It allows you to automate aspects of your business.
  11. Post a content roundup.  Keep track of what you read online this week and post a compilation post to your page.
  12. Post a top five post. What are the top five trends in your business? Top influencers to watch? Top five cutest pictures of your dog? Anything works!

Give Props

  1. Tag or mention other professionals and share their stuff. This is an awesome way to show people in your professional community some love.
  2. Recommend another business. Take the referral game up a notch and shout out an entire company if you think they deserve it.
  3. Tag an industry leader in a share of their stuff. Why not shoot for the moon? Tap the big fish on the shoulder and they might even reply! Best case scenario, you get a ton of new followers.
  4. Profile an employee. If you have employees (or just a really devoted spouse), give them a little shoutout so your followers know your business is staffed by actual people (and sometimes your spouse or parent).
  5. Recommend your favorite products!
  6. Share your drink. Got a fresh brew in your hand? Loving a certain blend of chai? Don’t be scared to shout it to the heavens.
  7. Recommend an app. There are so many great apps on the market, so spend some time digging through them. What’s cool? What’s useful?
  8. Share a cool downloadable audio. Soundcloud and Bandcamp are amazing sources for unsigned artists, so if you’re listening to something a lot, tell your friends about it!
  9. Share a great podcast.
  10. Share a useful product. Be sure you’re clear that the product isn’t sponsoring you, but if you’ve found a certain tool or object helpful in your work you should tell your followers about it!
  11. Share an inspiring Pinterest board.
  12. Share a Youtube video. Everyone loves video content, so if you come across a video that solved a problem or helped you understand something, shout it out!
  13. Share someone else’s webinar. I love webinars, so if you find an awesome one available for free, share it with your followers!

Be Nice!

  1. Share nice comments you receive. Whether this is retweeting a sweet note or scanning a card someone mailed you, show your kind followers some love.
  2. Share a cause you care about! This is a simple and easy way to add a feel-good element to your page.
  3. Share country-specific holidays. Keep a Google calendar of world holidays and be sure to wish your international fans happy holidays!
  4. Check who’s referring you. Monitor your tags and the referral page of your Google Analytics. If someone or something is sending a lot of new viewers your way, don’t forget to thank them!
  5. Share a beautiful photo. Sometimes, a beautiful image and a nice caption are just the ticket to creating a good mood on your profile.

Get Conversational

  1. Use hashtags. This helps your audience connect you with other issues in your key subject matter, and it helps attract new followers.
  2. Participate in an industry hashtag. Think of hashtags as an entry into a conversation. If something’s going around, use the hashtag and weigh in!
  3. Share a trending Twitter topic. Use a site like Topsy to find content that’s trending and share your thoughts on it. This doesn’t have to be an industry trend, but it should be appropriate. Don’t risk getting too controversial.
  4. Have a (tasteful) Twitter debate. If someone challenges on Twitter, or if you want to challenge someone else, this can sometimes be a good way to dialogue with your social community or you followers. But if you’ve got a hot head, steer clear of this. It’s not worth ruining your reputation.
  5. Go live on Facebook! Get to know your followers in an informal and live conversation.
  6. Post a photo from an event or conference. Share that you’re in the know when it comes to your industry!
  7. Share your take to some of the latest industry news. As an insider in the business, you’re in a position to comment on what’s new in the business. Don’t be shy about it!
  8. Share an insight. What have you learned lately? What taught you that lesson? It’s great to share a more personal look into your thoughts.
  9. Share a benefit of your industry. Tell us how your product or service has enriched the lives (or bottom lines) of your customers.
  10. Challenge a commonly held belief. A good way to stir up discussion and engage with your followers is to challenge a widely held idea.

Pull Back the Curtain

  1. Photo of yourself doing an activity. What are you up to lately? Your followers might like to know! This works really well with conferences, charity events, and special occasions.
  2. Post your website link. Do your subscribers know you have a website? Can’t hurt to remind them.
  3. Remind your followers what your services are. Your subscribers may not know all your products or services, so a simple reminder can put it in their minds.
  4. Share your “About Me” page. This is a double whammy because not only do your followers get to know you better, but they also get to take a look at your website.
  5. Link to another social media profile. Sometimes your followers may not have realized you even have other accounts! Snapchat gets forgotten especially often.
  6. Do a day in the life post. I love seeing the details of how people do what they do, and it can help your followers see how hard you’re working on your business.
  7. Post a #ThrowbackThursday picture! Get out those old pictures and share a cool photo of yourself, your business, or anything connected to you. Explain the context and how you felt at the time.

Have a Little Fun

  1. Ask for advice. Most people enjoy being helpful and useful! If you encounter a problem, pitch it to the community and let them help out.
  2. Pose a hypothetical question. Think of it as a grown-up game of Would You Rather.
  3. Post a crazy fact and ask your followers if they think it’s real or not! I like to share the answer in the comments.
  4. Share a work/life balance tip. This is such an interesting trend, and we all have interesting or funny ways we preserve sanity in our lives. Freelancers have especially interesting tips.
  5. Hold a photo contest. Ask your fans to post a photo of something on your wall and then vote on the winners! Easy and fun to set up.
  6. Tell a short, entertaining story.  A funny story is a funny story, and it can be enjoyable even if it’s not specifically in your industry or area of expertise.
  7. Take a selfie! Don’t overdo it or don’t be unprofessional about it, but if you’re at a cool location or industry event, snap a selfie and send it into the social media world.
  8. Have a giveaway!
  9. ‘Make a prediction. Especially fun when sports are on the line, make a prediction and ask your followers who they think will win.
  10. Caption contests. Find a funny photo and invite your followers to caption it! This is always hilarious.
  11. Celebrate odd holidays. The world is full of crazy holidays, and you can subscribe my mailing list below to get a list of those holidays. For example, I personally celebrate National Puppy Day almost every single day with my little ones.
  12. Memes are here for a reason… because people like them! So share away.
  13. Felling funny? Try a telling a joke. Bonus points if you can make it relate to your industry.
  14. Cat Pictures. I’m going to wrap this up with an essential, because cute pictures of animals are a sure fire. You can’t go wrong. You just can’t.

Did I miss any? Leave a comment below with your favorite type of content to post on social media.

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