Instagram is probably one of the most time consuming social networking platforms that I've ever managed. Not only do you have to post things instantly, but in many cases, you have to do the sharing right from your mobile device.

That being said, it is hands down my favorite social media platform to manage at the moment! I love the instant aspect of this image sharing social experience. Plus, I find the engagement and audience building to be a bit more genuine and personal than Facebook pages or Twitter profiles because of the purely visual aspect.

To assist with editing a picture on Instagram, I use a variety of tools to make sure that my snapshots are the best they can be, especially if I shot the pic using my cell phone camera. Today, I'm sharing three of my current favorite image sharing apps that I use to edit Instagram images.

Pixlr Andriod App

In a previous blog post, I highlighted a few of my favorite features of the web based version of Pixlr. Luckily, this wonderful photo editing tool comes with a mobile version too. Based off of the Pixlr Express version of the tool, the app allows you to perform a variety of functions such as creating collages, cropping images, adding filters, adjusting enhancements, overlaying text and images, editing picture clarity, etc.

With more filter options than the native Instagram app provides, the Pixlr app is a great tool for making fashion or lifestyle photos look trendy.

VSCO Cam Andriod App

My all time favorite photo editing app for Andriod is VSCO Cam because it just makes everything look pretty. Especially when you're in the fashion niche like me, images have to look good, even if it is a snapshot your client took on their iPhone and sent for posting. The below image is a shot from one of my clients No Sacrifice Bags.  

VSCO Cam focuses on adding filters that enhance your photos in a more natural way. I especially love using VSCO Cam on landscape images, but this app also works great on product photos and facial profiles. The filters also come with more specific editing abilities such as adjusting brightness, sharpness, skin tone coloring, shadows & highlights, overall exposure, temperature, fade, and shadow/highlight tone. 

No Crop Andriod App

In the world of Instagram, everything has to fit in a perfect square. In the real world, this isn't always how pictures are taken. Enter, No Crop. This glorious little app saves your photos in such a way that they fit into Instagram's 1:1 requirement.

What I love most about No Crop is the fact that you can place your image anywhere you'd like within the square. So for instance, in the Shesique Magazine image below, I placed the woman in a yoga pose at the bottom of the image, allowing for more white space.

When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.

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There are so many options for image sharing apps that work with Instagram. I hope these 3 free ones that I shared here help point you in the right direction for editing your photos before uploading them.

Do you have any other favorite Android apps that I missed? Feel free to leave your recommendations in the comments below!


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