Creating blog content isn't easy. Trust me. Content marketing isn't about pushing your products on people; rather, it's a blend of showcasing your brand voice while also sharing engaging content that potential clients can relate to. But where do you start?

To give you some suggestions for your next brand article, I've created a short list of blog ideas perfect for your lifestyle brand.

For simplicity sake, I'll use the example of a fashion brand for examples. Of course, you can translate these ideas into your own brand or product's blog.

On with the show!

Show Off What's Happening Behind-The-Scenes

Give your loyal clients a sneak peak behind the scenes of what happens at your business. Are you prepping for a huge order? Show off your showroom with your team working hard. Or did your team recently volunteer at a local non-profit? Share these experiences with your followers!

blog ideas 2

Give Other Bloggers Love

Are there bloggers in your space showing off your items on their personal blogs? Create a blog post thanking these bloggers for their opinions on your products. This will give you and the bloggers a bit of a SEO signal boost! Everyone goes home happy.

Share Customer Love

Do you have a customer raving on Twitter about a fabulous skirt she picked up at your fashion store? After asking her permission, give her a shoutout in a blog post. You can do this on a regular basis to encourage customers to share their awesome experiences on social media.

A great way to collect this data is to create a hashtag specific to your branding. That way, posts shared on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Tumblr are easily searchable. Check out Canadian brand Ardene as an example below:

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Trend Roundups

Every industry's trends are constantly evolving. Showcase your thoughts on current trends by posting a roundup. A trend roundup is a great way to establish yourself as a voice in the industry. Capitalize on current events like fashion week to display your own way of being vogue.

Interview Someone at Your Company

Similar to a “behind the scenes” blog post, interviewing someone at your company can provide some insider information to your followers, giving your brand a personality. People love the personal aspect, so you can interview anyone from the CEO to a customer service rep.

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Share a Tutorial or DIY

Share knowledge with your customer base by giving them tutorials or DIY steps on how to do something cool. For instance, if you're a fashion clothing company, try blogging about a DIY solution to a statement necklace. Encourage user engagement by sharing your DIY creations on social media and asking others to do the same.

Post Something Inspirational

Inspire others to do something better. Whether it's donating to a related cause or sharing an inspirational story, your clients will appreciate the personal touch. A great example of a motivational post is this Motivation Monday blog post featuring Kid President. Your fans will love the overall uplifting tone of something along these lines.

If you're still stuck, I'm available for a chat any time to help you with your blog ideas. Simply email me at andrea(at) Because sharing is caring 🙂