Raise your hand if you’re an introvert! I’m actually a huge introvert so I know firsthand how difficult it can be to put yourself out there for the sake of connecting with others. Even if you’re not an introvert, chances are you’ve had your own struggle with creating meaningful connections. Heidi Taylor explains how really knowing your client makes connecting easier and she sheds some light on how to find your place in the online world!     

In this podcast episode, we share: 

  • How Heidi’s coaching business was born
  • The role social media plays in Heidi’s search for clients
  • How Heidi determines who she wants to connect with 
  • Advice for finding the right groups and where you belong online  
  • How Instagram Stories has helped Heidi share her message 
  • Suggestions for overcoming challenges with experimentation 
  • How Heidi helps clients understand and improve their communication styles 

Listen to the episode here:

Memorable Quotes: 

  • There’s no straight line; I haven’t met anybody who’s had a straight line to entrepreneurship.  
  • I take my cues from the person I’m connecting with. 
  • Sometimes the magic happens in just listening.
  • Do I feel like this a place where my voice has space and it matters and it’s going to be taken care of and supported?
  • Just keep showing up and keep watching your growth.  
  • It takes so many more tries than one. And that’s okay. It’s part of the journey.  


Meet Heidi Taylor:

Heidi Taylor is what happens when a sales coach collides with a life coach. Heidi works with non-linear, altruistic, solo, service-based business owners and caring people. Ya know, those on the opposite end of the sleazebag spectrum. Her style is relational. Her system is proprietary. And her approach is a yin yang of both kind and direct. She has over ten years experience running businesses, both off and online. For the full dirt on business coaching with Heidi, find her at heiditaylor.ca.


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