3 Word Rebellion author and messaging expert Michelle Mazur is joining us today to give a different perspective on what marketing looks like online and why you don’t have to follow the trends.

What started off as a rant/blog post about how not to be a motivational speaker quickly turned into a business that challenged the status quo and encouraged other businesses owners to do the same. If you have a message or value that you want represented in your business, but you’ve been too nervous to rattle the cage too much, this podcast is for you!

In this episode of the podcast, we talk about:

  • The typical bro-marketing methods that keep value-based entrepreneurs feeling trapped
  • The surprising new stat about people’s attention span
  • A breakdown of Michelle’s 3 word rebellion and social media strategy
  • The truth about why you might feel like you’re bad at marketing
  • The first step to getting started with ethical marketing

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “…it’s about getting really clear about what your value and ethical principles are so you can start making decisions.”
  • “This is all very incremental. You’re not going to be magically ethical overnight…it’s really that intent to do better, and making those small changes.”
  • “For me, ethical marketing isn't a strategy, it’s not a tactic – it’s this overarching philosophy that you make your marketing decisions by.”
  • “You can market in a way that’s in 100% alignment with what you believe and how you want to show up.”

About the Guest:

Michelle Mazur is a messaging expert who works with brilliant business owners who are shaking things up but having trouble talking about it. She combines the tools of successful social movements with the qualitative research skills she earned in her Communications Ph.D. to help them craft their powerful, captivating message. The author of the 3 Word Rebellion, host of the Rebel Uprising podcast and featured in Fast Company, Entrepreneur and Inc., she knows that speaking about what you do in a clear and captivating way is the key to reaching the people you could help the most and making more money in your business.


Resources Mentioned:

3 Word Rebellion book
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Rebel Roadmap to Exponential Impact + Influence Quiz