Want the inside scoop on how I grew the Savvy Social Podcast to 10,000 listeners?

I’m pulling back the curtain and sharing the exact steps I took to grow the Savvy Social Podcast from 0 to 10,000 monthly listeners. With Behind the Mic, you’ll see my unfancy approach to podcasting so that you can get inspired to do the same.

Podcasting has literally changed the way I do marketing

Before podcasting, I was on the marketing struggle bus.

I was never consistent with my primary content stream
I felt like my perspective was getting lost on social media
I struggled to build a community that was loyal to me

… and overall, my authority in the online space was a bit WOMP WOMP

If you relate to this at all, then keep reading!

Savvy Social Podcast Listening Guide

The Real Benefits of Podcasting

After podcasting, with 300+ episodes and counting, I’m on the marketing bullet train!

I found the most efficient way to produce consistent content I can repurpose for all my platforms I established my credibility as a go-to authority on all things social media I created an intimate connection with an audience who loves to binge my content every month

… and podcasting has become the number one marketer on my team, bringing in new clients, referrals, and revenue!

That’s why I created...

Behind the Mic:

A Podcasting Course by Andréa Jones

The Backstage Pass to launching and growing the Savvy Social Podcast

It’s your turn to embrace your bingeable podcast idea and get behind the mic.

And with the direction and inspiration sprinkled throughout this course, you won’t have to keep your audience waiting. 

Inside, you’ll find resources like:

Plus if you grab this course today, you’ll also get access to two bonuses...
The Savvy Social Community
A community of biz owners who are taking back control of our social media experience instead of letting social run our lives. We celebrate wins, share exciting news on what’s been working, and encourage each other to keep pushing on every single day. This community will be your biggest cheerleader as you get ready to launch your podcast.
The FEED Private Podcast

The best place to find the latest and greatest in social media news. Avoid being overwhelmed by always playing catch-up as you stay up-to-date on new trends, features, and platforms. Not only will you be in the know, you’ll learn how to apply those updates to help grow your business.

This is for you if...

Podcasts have changed you and your business, and now it’s your turn to deliver the inspiration your audience needs

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Q: Is This A Live Course?
A: No pressure here. This is a self-paced course. Whether you log in after everyone in the house calls it a night or you catch a lesson during your lunch breaks, you learn and work at a schedule that works best for you.
Q: Can I Take This Course If I Already Have A Podcast?
A: I’m a believer that you can and should always learn something new. Even though this is catered to beginners, if you are an established podcaster who feels stuck in growing their audience, concerned about the quality of their show, or like you are losing motivation to keep your show going, the inspiration tips and inspiration you’ll receive in this course are exactly what you need.
Q: Will I learn everything I need to know about podcasting?
A: While I am giving you the complete run down of what I did at every step of my podcast journey, this won’t be an in-depth step-by-step lesson on podcasting. I’m taking you behind the curtain to let you know what worked and didn’t work for me, so you can start seeing the potential of your own show when you make the decision to get behind the mic.
Q: How much time will this take?
A: This is completely up to you. You can zoom through it if that works for you, but I encourage you to watch a module, take notes, and then begin immediately applying what you learn to your own podcast journey. It’s not about finishing fast. It’s about finishing right–with a podcast you are ready to launch to your audience!
Q: How do I access the bonus content?
A: Once you register for the course, the downloads, such as the SWOT Analysis Worksheet and your bonus content, will be waiting for you in Circle, our community platform.
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