The life coaching industry is huge and growing by the year.

And if you're a life coaching looking to find more clients using the power of digital marketing, social media is a great way to build relationships with those potential new clients.

In this client showcase, we're exploring our work with the Life Coach School in growing their social media marketing strategies in our work together.

What is a Client Showcase?

Each client showcase blog post will reveal the statistics recorded from a client project in order to illustrate a few of my social media techniques.

With this series, you have the unique opportunity to learn the inner workings of what it takes to be successful online through social media and content marketing.

It is also my hopes to redefine what success means. It’s not just in the number of followers… Ultimately, social media success comes down to engagement, website traffic, and conversions.

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The Challenge

I was referred to this client in November of 2018. They had previously outsourced social media before but weren't happy with the results. They didn't like how the designs looked. And they didn't care for the overly general style of social media posts that other life coaches were using to flood their feeds.

They wanted something different. Fresh. And something that would reflect their brand all while increasing the connection with their audience.

The kicker? The client wanted nothing to do with social media. The main personal brand we were showcasing online never logged into Facebook/Instagram throughout the duration of our project.

Here's how we helped:

What We Did Improve Social Media Posts and Growth

Copy Stalking Formula

When we initially closed this deal, we knew that the voice/tone/subject matter was so specific that we had to get it right. That's why we chose to implement our Copy Stalking Formula. This unique strategy combines our client's own words and philosophies and repurposing them for social media. This client had tons of content from podcasts to webinars to lead magnets. We combed through them and applied that language style to our social media posts.

Video, Video Video

Video is king on social media and this client was hardly using video on their organic social media at all before we started with them. We took micro video content pieces from their live coaching calls and turned them into short, consumable social media style videos. We had various sizes created for Instagram stories, IGTV, and the Instagram Feed. Because of the sheer volume of content, we had a deep well to draw from when it came to creating video content.

Instagram Stories

With quite a bit of attention shifting to Instagram stories, we knew we wanted to create specific content pieces for this client. We leveraged the power of that attention by using IG stories as a micro funnel.

Omni-Channel Strategy

We want our client's customers to feel like they're supported no matter what their social media platform of choice is. With that in mind, we took an Omni-Channel approach leveraging previously unused platforms like Twitter and Pinterest along size their stronger channels of Facebook and Instagram to ensure that all bases are covered.

The Results

Instagram Following – March 2019 – 28,608 (Before)

Instagram Following April 2020 – 63,758 (After)

Organic Facebook Page Impressions March 2019 – 294,708 (Before)

Organic Facebook Page Impressions January 2020 – 1,572,730 (After)

YouTube Subscribers May 2019 – 17,867(Before)

YouTube Subscribers April 2020 – 27,800(After)


Words from the Client

“At The Life Coach School, we pride ourselves on only working with the best people in the industry, and are so lucky to partner with Andréa. Since Andréa took over our social channels, the posts have been wonderful. The captions truly emulate the voice of our coaches, the images are beautiful and relevant, and the quality is always consistent. We have seen massive growth of followers, steady increases in likes, and amazing engagement with followers and conversions to the podcast and the website. Andréa is also so easy and fun to work with—she takes direction well, is creative and flexible, and truly seeks to build our brand holistically.” – Felicia Broccolo, Direct of Communications

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