Overcrowding in industries like life coaching doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get noticed. It just means you need to do something different than everybody else. Something to set yourself apart.

Our client, The Life Coach School, is different. They have a unique message and approach that resonates deeply with their audience. But their problem?
They didn’t have the tools, resources, knowledge, or time to figure out how to make their version of “different” known on social media to those potential clients who needed to experience it the most.

This is a study of how our partnership helped them elevate their brand awareness, help them grow their authority in the crowded life coaching industry, and reach the clients they care about so deeply.

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The Challenge: Community Management

Sometimes, you don’t get what you paid for. That’s exactly why the Life Coach School almost gave up on outsourcing their social media. After getting underwhelming results and less than stellar design work with other agencies, they gave it one last shot in an attempt to set themselves apart from the crowded life coaching industry on social media.

The Life Coach School wanted a different approach to their social media marketing. An approach that felt fresh and reflected the innovative ways they were helping their clients find freedom and peace of mind.

The big challenge and the main reason the Life Coach school was willing to give it one more shot with our agency is that they wanted nothing to do with social media. They knew it was necessary to create brand awareness and connect with their audience, but they wanted to keep their focus on client work, not content creation and posting schedules.

So what do you do when you have an amazing client who wants to win on social media but has absolute zero desire to learn social media, let alone even log in?

You give them exactly what they paid for. And here’s what they got.

What We Did Improve Social Media Posts and Growth

Copy Stalking Formula

When we initially closed this deal, we knew that the voice/tone/subject matter was so specific that we had to get it right. That's why we chose to implement our Copy Stalking Formula. This unique strategy combines our client's own words and philosophies and repurposing them for social media. This client had tons of content from podcasts to webinars to lead magnets. We combed through them and applied that language style to our social media posts.

Our first focus was nailing down their unique voice, tone, and subject matter. It was what set them apart from the competition, so we used our Copy Stalking Formula to write, design, and think like the Life Coach School so we could elevate their message to a broader audience.

Using this key process of tapping into their words, philosophies, and previously created content like podcasts, webinars, and lead magnets, gave this client the peace of mind that we could rightfully represent their brand on social.

Video, Video Video

Video is king on social media and this client was hardly using video on their organic social media at all before we started with them. We took micro video content pieces from their live coaching calls and turned them into short, consumable social media style videos. We had various sizes created for Instagram stories, IGTV, and the Instagram Feed. Because of the sheer volume of content, we had a deep well to draw from when it came to creating video content.

The Life Coach School was primed and ready for the dawn of video content. With a deep database of recorded coaching calls, they had the content but weren’t doing anything with it. This was our opportunity to create tons of micro-content pieces to share on all of their social platforms. Having such a deep well to draw from ensured they remained relevant and engaging, attracting their core audience to the content again and again.

Instagram Stories

Our video strategy took a leap forward with the introduction of Instagram stories. The reach we were getting with the content shifted our strategy from simply posting videos to leveraging the reach of IG stories as a micro funnel, increasing the inquiries from clients who need the services Life School provides.

Omni-Channel Strategy

Their content was too good, and their message was too powerful to be limited to any one platform. So our team devised an Omni-Channel approach, leveraging previously unused platforms like Twitter and Pinterest to introduce them to a new audience who couldn’t wait to engage with their content.

The Results

Instagram Following – March 2019 – 28,608 (Before)

Instagram Following April 2020 – 63,758 (After)

Organic Facebook Page Impressions March 2019 – 294,708 (Before)

Organic Facebook Page Impressions January 2020 – 1,572,730 (After)

YouTube Subscribers May 2019 – 17,867(Before)

YouTube Subscribers April 2020 – 27,800(After)


Words from the Client

“At The Life Coach School, we pride ourselves on only working with the best people in the industry, and are so lucky to partner with Andréa. Since Andréa took over our social channels, the posts have been wonderful. The captions truly emulate the voice of our coaches, the images are beautiful and relevant, and the quality is always consistent. We have seen massive growth of followers, steady increases in likes, and amazing engagement with followers and conversions to the podcast and the website. Andréa is also so easy and fun to work with—she takes direction well, is creative and flexible, and truly seeks to build our brand holistically.” – Felicia Broccolo, Direct of Communications

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