Hello Seven wants you to make more money…Period.

As a women-run company specializing in business, marketing, financial, and legal training, Hello Seven’s mission is to balance the economic scales so that women – especially women of color – can build wealth and “make bank” through entrepreneurship.

The team, headed by the famous mom of four, CEO, and author Rachel Rodgers, had already helped coach thousands of entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities to achieve financial success. Rachel’s real-world money advice, coupled with her engaging and enigmatic personality, was the driving force behind Hello Seven’s success at changing the world and the status quo one entrepreneur at a time.

However, as the wins piled up, accolades grew, and Hello Seven gained popularity, Rachel and her team needed help separating her personal brand from that of Hello Seven.

They asked, and we delivered.

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The Challenge: Smoothly Creating Distinct Voices For Two Popular Brands

As the company grew, so did the need to establish a separate social media presence for Hello Seven – one that wasn’t reliant on Rachel as the face of the brand.

The problem: Figuring out how to separate two popular brands with existing social media presence smoothly and seamlessly while growing audiences and increasing engagement for both Hello Seven and Rachel Rodgers’ brands – all at the same time.

We knew that the answer to making it all happen lay in two key areas: Understanding the audience’s pain points, using reels to increase engagement, and making sure each brand had its own, unique voice.

And we knew just how to get it done.

What We Did to Improve: Addressed Pain Points to Ensure The Audience Felt Seen and Understood

Hello Seven is all about balancing the scales of economic power for women and people from marginalized communities by teaching them how to build wealth for themselves, their families, and their communities. By keeping abreast of research, studies, and statistics that follow the personal and professional barriers that hold these communities back, they successfully address these issues and offer real-world solutions for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Our approach needed to be just as thorough.

We identified their audience’s pain points and created a “Digital Brain” of their past and current social media posts, blogs, newsletters, and podcasts. We studied statistics about their audience’s lived reality. Then, by pulling content from this vast pool of information and resources, we created engaging and relatable social media posts that spoke to the audience and made them feel seen. Instead of creating standard promotional posts, we aimed to create posts that offered Hello Seven’s programs and events as solutions to their problems. We did so by crafting posts that combined facts and statistics with a relatable problem that relates to the audience’s pain points – then, we gave context as to why the program is a valuable solution.

Here’s an example of the result of our data collection and writing strategy, and how we pulled it all together:

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Then came the challenge of creating two distinct brand voices for Hello Seven and Rachel Rodgers.

To accomplish this, we ensured that Hello Seven’s brand concentrated on promoting offers, connecting with the audience, and building a community. And to tie it all together, we highlighted Hello Seven’s expert coaches in reels to add a human touch, share actionable money mindset tips, and increase engagement.

For Rachel’s account, we maintained a focus on fun lifestyle posts with a mix of inspirational and motivational content. Her fun and lively personality resonated well with her audience, so we helped turn up the volume on what was already working by incorporating effective and engaging reels into her strategy.

The culmination of our research, strategy, and content resulted in success all around.

The Results That Impact Far More Than Social Media – Helping Women Entrepreneurs Make Money Moves

Beyond our mission to help both brands find separate voices and gain social media traction was our goal to help Hello Seven make a difference for women and people from marginalized communities.

By helping them amplify their message and increase their audience, we helped more marginalized people build wealth, enabling them to liberate themselves from being emotionally broke and financially stressed.

Our success in connecting with the audience was also evident in the stats.

 For Hello Seven’s Facebook account, we saw a follower increase of 64%, and follower increases of 17.2% and 11.8% for LinkedIn and Instagram, respectively.

Additionally, we helped create Rachel’s most played, liked, saved and shared reel of all time, garnering a whopping 155,308 plays, 7677 likes, 3769 shares, 1862 saves, 170 comments!

But the best way to gauge our results is through the comments from the community. Here’s what they thought of our content.


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Words from the Client

“In working with Onlinedrea, we've seen almost a 12% increase in our Instagram followers and raised our engagement rate to over 6% on LinkedIn. They've also helped us create some of the most engaging content that we've had, particularly a reel on Instagram, which catered over 155,000 views. I would just like to extend a thank you to Onlinedrea for being a valued partner in helping Hello Seven. We appreciate you and are happy to be affiliated with a brand like yours.”


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