What’s the most common problem keeping businesses from finding success on social media?

It’s not finding something interesting to say.
Nope. It’s not figuring out the algorithms.
It’s not even finding your audience.

It’s consistency.

XpertVR is an amazing Canadian-based Virtual Reality firm that creates customized virtual training simulations for institutions and organizations. They are leaders in the Ed Tech space, completely reshaping how the world learns.

To teach the world, you have to reach the world, but the rule on social media is that if you don’t post, your voice doesn’t get heard.

So XpertVR needed help getting their message out there creatively and, most importantly, consistently.

Here’s how we exceeded their expectations.

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The Challenge: Posting Consistent Content

1 post a month. A few videos here and there. Inactive LinkedIn page.

It all boiled down to one thing: inconsistency.

Inconsistency in creating and posting content is a roadblock that many businesses run into when trying to grow on social media. And XpertVR was no exception.

In one telling 30-day period, their data showed zero posts on Facebook and Instagram, 1 tweet on Twitter, and 4 videos on YouTube.

The lack of posting on these platforms, the lack of traction on LinkedIn, and their inability to get their newsletter up and running so they could increase their communication with their audience was a hard pill to swallow for a team of dreamers who wanted to increase their authority in the Ed Tech space.

But where they saw frustration and failure, our team saw potential.

The lack of posts wasn’t enough to hide the fact that XpertVR had a unique message, a great brand personality in their co-founder Evan Sitler-Bates, and the potential for exciting and engaging content that their audience would love.

They just needed what all businesses need.

A strategy.

What We Did to Improve: Unlock Consistency With Creative Problem Solving

XpertVR’s strategy started with consistency. We wanted XpertVR to focus on serving their clients and creating great content, so we devised a regular cadence for their posts across all of their social media platforms which included content pillars and topics so we could eliminate the content creation guessing games and have a focused approach every month.

To help revive their content creation, our team of researchers created a digital brain, combing through all of their previous videos, blogs, social media posts, and mentions in the media.

This gave us an amazing starting point, allowing our account managers and creatives to repurpose and be inspired by that content while XpertVR’s team focused on brainstorming new content ideas that aligned with their goals.

With a content creation plan in place, the name of the game was to build authority. So we shifted our next focus to establishing XpertVR as a force to be reckoned with in the Ed Tech space.

We began to optimize all of their online content, from previous videos to blog posts and profile bios. We also revamped their newsletter, curating relevant content from leading voices in their industry and keeping their audience informed and excited about the innovative work their team was doing.

The last step was to play to XpertVR’s strength. As a visual-based company, it was a no-brainer to create a presence on the fastest-growing social media platform dedicated to video, TikTok.

These major and minor tweaks in their previously non-existent social media strategy paid brought some pretty amazing results for the fun team at XpertVR.

The Results that impact far more than social media: Exceeding Expectations

Let’s start with their community.

To grow as a business, not only did XpertVR need to grow its network, they needed the right people in their network. After only a few months of implementing our team’s strategy, Evan’s LinkedIn following grew by almost 1,000 contacts, allowing their organization to gain the respect of industry heavyweights and make connections that will help them continue delivering high-quality training simulations to students and organizations around the world.

This increased profile began to foster incredible partnerships with institutions such as Conestoga College and Brock University, speaking opportunities at events such as Decoding.TechZone, and talks with government agencies to help train their teams.

At OnlineDrea, we are big on creating a community environment with our team, so when that’s reflected in our clients as well, it makes what we do so worth it. That was the case with XpertVR.

After creating a consistent content creation and posting schedule, it created a regular presence online, which helped them grow their community, and it also influenced better collaboration among their team. Their team went all-in in content creation, especially for video, providing our creative team with amazing content to edit and send out to their amazing network.

The greatest sign that a strategy is working is when you have no choice but to have another meeting to create new milestones, new benchmarks, and new goals. This a sign that you exceeded your goals, and it’s time to shoot for bigger and better.

XpertVR is on that track, and our team is grateful to have helped such a fun and passionate team reach its social media marketing goals.

Words from the Client

“Before we were working with OnlineDrea, we just couldn't put out the content that I wanted to…So bringing on the OnlineDrea team really helped us achieve those goals, but then set new goals in [the new metrics] we wanted to hit and what types of videos we want to be putting out…If you're looking for a social media manager or social media help, definitely don't hesitate to reach out…Their team's amazing and we've been very pleased with everything that they've done for us.” — Evan Sitler

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