The Easiest Way to Keep Up with Social Media Trends

Introducing Trend Savvy: Your source for the latest and greatest social media trends. Join us to get everything you need to stay current with what's hot on social media today.

Keeping up with Trends feels like its own Olympic sport sometimes.

And we want to help you keep up! Posting a TikTok video or an Instagram Reel using a trending sound is one of the best ways to reach new audiences. 

And yet, finding those trending sounds is challenging to keep up with as a business owner. It feels like the dang algorithm changes it's mind every day… and it's a whole full time job to keep up.

That's where we come in! Trend Savvy is designed to give you the trends while they're hot so that you don't have to scroll forever before finding what you need.

With Trend Savvy, you'll never be out of the loop again!

AND we recognize trends aren't for everyone. 

Our Stance on Trends

While we see the value in trends, we by no means recommend posting all trends, all the time.

Layering in trending content is a great way to stay relevant and create content the algorithm likes. But most of your content will likely have more substance.

That being said, we do love to give you some inspiration for your posts and each weekly report includes TikTok Trends, Instagram Trends, Memes, and Hot Topics.

TikTok Trends

Trends start on TikTok and we start with them! Get your weekly trend report on what's hot. 

Instagram Trends

Weekly trending audios and video styles with examples on how to use them. 

Hot Topics

Want to know what's the topic of the week? We have you covered with topics taking social media by storm.

We Share New Trend Reports Each Week

Pay Once. Get Trends for Liiiiife. Tap below for a sample of our reports.

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