Never get left behind on social media again!

The Feed Private Podcast

Stop sifting through social media news to find out what's relevant for your business.

Access The Latest & Greatest Social Media News Curated To Eliminate Information Overload For Overwhelmed Business Owners

The Feed Private Podcast - Savvy Social School

Social Media Change Is Confusing!

You Don’t Have To Keep Playing Catch-Up On Social Media

Are you overwhelmed, confused, or straight-up frustrated with the ever-evolving social media landscape?

You have enough to worry about as a biz owner. You shouldn’t have to add a “check for social media updates” task to your daily schedule or wade through the conflicting advice trying to make sense of what makes sense for your business.

There's A Better Way!

The Feed Private Podcast

The Feed Private Podcast is for business owners who want to go deep into the weeds of social media without feeling (or getting) lost.

Social media news doesn’t work on a schedule, and neither does The Feed. When you gain access, you’ll get weekly, and sometimes daily, social media updates to keep you informed about what’s relevant for you as a business owner and what you can ignore.

Social Media is constantly evolving, so it’s super easy to get left behind, but with The Feed Private Podcast, not only will you stay informed, you will come away from each episode with actionable insights on what your business can to do stay ahead of the social media game!

The Feed Private Podcast - Savvy Social School

Hi! I'm Andréa Jones

I created The Feed to eliminate your need for social experiments, theories, and predictions. You don't have time for that in your business. Besides, that's my job.

As a social media strategist and social media marketing agency owner, social media is my livelihood. It's what I love to do. I usually share that love with my clients and students, but now I'm bringing my passion for social and insider insights directly to you.

When you gain access to this private podcast, you'll never have to worry about staying up to date, and sometimes up to the minute with what's going on, on social media. With a constant pulse on what's happening, I'm delivering the news you wish you could hear without the heavy searching.

Here's What You Get When You Access The Feed

🚀 The Feed Episodes

The latest & greatest in social media news. Every week, and sometimes more than that, a brand new episode will be released, delivering a to-the-point message with the news and insights that matter most. My goal is for all the news and tips you receive to be easy to digest, easy to understand, and easy to take action on.

🚀 The Feed Past Episodes

Hundreds of archived episodes of The Feed so you can catch up on the news you missed, get clear on the rumors you’ve heard but no one could confirm, and start implementing the missing pieces to help elevate your business’s social media status.

🚀 One-Time Pricing

This is NOT subscription service. Pay a one-time fee of $97 and get full access to the old, new, and future episodes of your new favorite business podcast that is short on conversation and big on action!

Are You Ready To Feel Like a Social Media Expert?

Your time for success on social media begins today.

Gain access to The Feed Private Podcast and become the social media strategist your business can rely on to stay up-to-date, relevant, and thrive on social media–without the frustration, confusion, and fake-it-til-you-make-it mindset.

One-Time Payment of only $97

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