Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, and the average user checks the site 14 times per day!

If that isn’t fascinating enough, then today’s post will break down some of the key ways Facebook can make marketing your local business easy and (gasp) fun through the power of social media.

Want to organize your social media tasks? Grab this checklist!


Optimize Your Profile

Start your Facebook marketing by getting your business on the map and ensuring that people can find it.

Make sure your page’s business name is as it appears on your website, and don’t deviate from your official branding. I’d suggest using your logo for your profile picture for more reorganizability.

Also, if you have more than 25 followers, Facebook will let you customize your URL to your business name, making it easier to link to. Remember that you can only set it one time, so be cautious.

Post Engaging Content

Step two in getting your Facebook page to work for you is to post the kind of content people want to see.

Be a resource to your followers, and they’ll love your brand for it. A few good categories you can start with:

  • Inspirational content: Everyone likes to feel uplifted! Share some quotes, a personal story that meant something to you (as long as it’s vaguely in your area of business), shout out a local business that went above and beyond, or share an inspiring video.
  • Educational content: you’re an expert in your field, so why not share that with the world? Consider whipping up some shareable graphics, a free ebook, or even just a Facebook post of your best tips or wisdom.
  • Be entertaining: if you make people laugh or feel good, you can’t go too wrong. Share a fun video, an industry-specific joke, or just something silly. Use discretion with jokes, because you never want to offend someone! Keep it clean, but don’t be afraid to have fun.

Engage with Non-Competing Businesses

Building a community in your social network is a fast way to generate engagement for your page, but it can be hard to create one from scratch. The solution? Network with people in your area who aren’t competitors!

Sharing, liking, and commenting on other people’s content is a great way to get them familiar with yours, and if you show your adjacent businesses some love, they may return the favor. They might not even be in your businesses, but if they’re in your community then you should give them some love.

Consider Paid Ads

Paid ads leverage the power of Facebook’s tracking algorithm to deliver your content to the right demographic of people at the right time. This can be a savvy and cost effective way for local businesses to advertise because it targets an incredibly specific range of people within your area.

If you’re a consultant, for example, you can target your paid content to C-suite level professionals in your industry area near you. It’s a little creepy how specific Facebook can get, actually.

Here are two ad types I’d suggest you look into:

  • Pay to promote a post you’ve made, such as an event announcement, product details, a special offer, or whatever. Facebook will deliver it to people who might like to see it!
  • Paying for an ad that appears in the streams of Facebook users. This is different than promoting a post, it’s an ad that shows among or next to a user’s timeline. These are great because there are a ton of different formats you can pick from.

Explore Using Video

Video is a powerful feature that ranks high up in the algorithm that Facebook uses to determine what people actually see when they scroll through their newsfeed. Have you noticed that your timeline lately is suddenly full of short, funny videos? Not an accident.

Don’t be afraid to use your computer’s video editor to experiment a little! You’ll be surprised at the engagement you get. Remember that most people view videos with the sound off, so be sure and add titles and text if the message is important.

While your add it, consider adding a featured video to your page! Facebook has been rolling these out to users, and it lets you make a video overview of your business. It’s fun and easy!

Have fun with your Facebook page, and remember to be authentic and useful. Local businesses only have room to grow when it comes to social media, so get out there and don’t be shy!