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Want to stay top-of-mind on social media? All you need is a plan that brings more money into your business without overwhelming your life.

Does this sound familiar?

It’s not always easy to establish an online presence while working on building your brand, products, and services. You should be in the trenches working on the foundation of your business, doing the things that light you up. But instead...

You've got big ideas and no guidance for how they translate into a social media plan that works with your long-term goals. You're stuck with googled advice that isn't specific to your business.

You've spread yourself too thin by joining several social media platforms and you're overwhelmed by all of the things you “could” be doing. You're not sure if it's making a difference.

You've been doing this social media thing for a while but you're not sure how to measure results — much less make strategic improvements to your content and growth. 

You want to use social media to GROW your business but you just don't know how.

All you want is for your social media to work as hard as you do. You're looking for something more solid than crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. You need  to have a proven strategy that encourages potential buyers to find and connect with you online. 

Let's help you bridge the gap by making your vision a reality.   


The Social media playbook

A fully customized guide that helps you save time, money, and energy, the Social Media Playbook gives you specific strategies that are designed to help you increase website traffic, build online communities, and bring more leads (and sales) to your business.

Here's what you'll get


Savvy social school membership

20+ custom hashtags

competitor analysis

your investment: $4997

Each Playbook is customized to your needs, so let's get started! 

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

Andrea Jones and her team get a massive Gold Star in managing our Social Channels. Right from the start Andrea studied and mastered the tone of our brand, creating great content and posts that felt like Tonica! … They are easy to work with, tapped into the online communities we wanted to be connected with, actively interact with users in our product’s demographic and respond quickly to comments and questions left on our different Social channels. I love this service and feel very lucky to have found Andrea and her team!



A tender-hearted, tech-loving social media strategist.

I team up with busy entrepreneurs to develop and implement social media solutions, freeing up time so that they can focus on what lights them up about their businesses. And I can do the same for you.

Whether you are a coach, podcaster, blogger, business owner, or creative entrepreneur, my job is to help you connect with your ideal customer on social media and build a meaningful relationship.

Your brand deserves a strong online presence, and that’s what I’ve delivered hundreds of satisfied clients since 2014. 

I help you bridge the gap by making your vision a reality.   

In short, you’ll get specific strategies that are designed to increase your website traffic, build your community, and bring more leads and sales to your business.

Can i ask you something?

Imagine what happens if you don't start this today. Your potential clients and customers are waiting! Are you ready to let them find you?

Frequently Asked Questions

I work with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

We'll start with a 30-minute call to get to know one another. From there, I'll send you a customized proposal and questionnaire to get started. You'll have your Social Media Playbook 30 days after the questionnaire is submitted.

In most cases, yes! My team and I would be happy to work with you on an on-going basis by creating your social media posts, growing your account, and analyzing that growth.

I work with any business that has a service or product to sell. I also work with businesses who need more visibility to sell advertising space, such as bloggers and podcasters.

Some of my past clients include a natural hair company, a ride-sharing app, an athletic podcast, a healthy lifestyle blog, an essential oils company, a baby clothing brand, an interior design product, a local fashion boutique, a sales coach, a branding specialist, a job board, a local law office, a wellness center, a travel company, and more!

I’ll need access to your social media accounts, any of your visual branding elements like logos, fonts, and colors (if applicable), and, most importantly, an overview of your ideal client or customer.

Yes! Head over to my portfolio page to see samples. You can also check in on my client showcase blog series for more examples.

Before finding Andrea, I was overwhelmed, and at my wits end when it came to being consistent with my social media posts. Social media has been one of my biggest marketing strategies when it comes to getting clients, so posting consistently is paramount to my continued success…  She is constantly striving to make my experience as her client an enjoyable one, always willing to listen and make modifications to better my social media content. Super professional, and very personable, I would in a heartbeat recommend her to anyone, as she is honest and genuinely cares about her client and their happiness. Not to sound too cheesy, but she gets an A+ in my book!



Are you ready for more people to know about what you do?

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