Option 1: Spending hours on a blog that sends prospects to your website for years.

Option 2: Burning hours on a Reel that disappears in 24 hours.

Which would you choose? The latter, right? That’s why it’s so, so important to understand the different roles search and social media play in your sales funnel.

Get your primer from SEO expert and Love at First Search founder Meg Casebolt in this week’s show.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • What exactly SEO is and why you need it
  • SEO for local businesses vs online businesses: what's the difference?
  • Your content strategy for attracting clients who don't know they need your service yet
  • Why “SEO is like a first date” with your prospect
  • Understanding the sales funnel and where SEO and social media fit into it
  • #1 way to get found online in today's ultra competitive search results
  • 3 tips for standing out in YouTube, Google & Stitcher search
  • Upping search exposure for your podcast (hint: follow my lead!)
  • Meg's “power platform” for social media
  • The type of content that earned her a 300% increase in subscribers on YouTube in just 1 month
  • What to do if you're outsourcing your social media and want to make sure they GET IT RIGHT

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “People assume when they launch the website, they will just get this influx of new clients finding them. But it's not necessarily a given.” – Meg Casebolt
  • “SEO is an industry that’s been through a series of evolutions. When my dad got into search engine optimization, I worked at his agency. This was 2010. It was local business based. It was specific to service industries like plumbing and flood restoration carpet cleaning. And how he would help these local businesses get found in search was a very different strategy than what you'd apply today.” – Andréa Jones
  • “That still exists for people who are running in-person businesses that have very tangible outcomes: for people who think, ‘I need a snow plow right now. I need pizza. I need a haircut.’ That type of local SEO still works. But for many of us, we are either running online businesses that don't really need to be tied to a Google map or our results are less tangible.” – Meg Casebolt
  • “Being able to show up at the point where people believe they need support can be huge in terms of getting people to discover you in a very crowded marketplace.” – Meg Casebolt
  • “I have been talking about this for the past year and a half on the podcast. It's a clear shift where social tools aren't necessarily discovery tools, and you've gotta have a way to be discovered.” – Andréa Jones
  • “SEO's job is to get you discovered, and then you can use whatever platforms you're using as your nurture platforms to get those people to move closer — to get them to learn who you are.” – Meg Casebolt
  • “I distinctly remember how I found the Membership Geeks, Mike and Callie. I wanted to start my membership, and I didn't even know where to start. And their website was a resource for me in the beginning — this was in 2018. I joined their program. I was a member for two years all because they provided value to me as a potential customer. And now I feel like I kind of know them on a first-name basis because of all of the beautiful content that they create.” – Andréa Jones
  • “You wanna give something of yourself and what people can expect in those search engine results, so that you're setting yourself apart and showing how you're different from the other nine to 15 search results on that same page. – Meg Casebolt

About the Guest:

Meg Casebolt is founder of Love At First Search, an agency singularly devoted to helping online businesses get found in search results (like Google, YouTube & iTunes) & turn those new readers into leads, subscribers and sales.

Meg’s clients are entrepreneurs who are too busy changing the world to worry about things like website conversion rates and search traffic … but still want their websites to get found on Google for their brilliance and turn readers.

SEO is our vehicle for amplifying female entrepreneurial voices and empowering women to help their families, communities, and the wider world flourish.


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