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Andréa Jones is the social media strategist helping brands with bold personalities, bold opinions, and bold ideas make bold moves towards elevating their thought leadership and growing their business using the power of social media.

Ready for a light-on-your-feet approach to social media (no heavy lifting required)? Reach out to Andréa at or @onlinedrea on Instagram.

When personality-driven brands with limited time and social media know-how hit a plateau in growing their business on social media, they don’t call it quits. They call on their social media wing-woman to guide them the rest of the way. 

Andréa Jones is the owner of OnlineDrea, the savvy social media squad dedicated to using the perfect union of science and creativity to elevate their client’s voices in the loud and crowded world of social media marketing.

Taking over the heavy lifting for her clients (creating industry heavyweights in the process) with her award-winning agency while creating hundreds of social media superstars in her Savvy Social School training community is why brands continue to trust Andrea to elevate their online impact and learn how to build their own social media savvy.

As much as Andréa loves sitting in client strategy meetings or teaching new skills in the school, her heart will always be with her growing family. Spending time with her husband and daughter in beautiful Niagara Falls, Canada, keeps her grounded and motivated to keep serving those who need her most.

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