Andréa - Thank you!

Thank you!

A huge congratulations on taking this exciting step with The LinkedIn Savvy Bundle! You've not only invested in your LinkedIn strategy but in the future of your business.

You did the hard part that so many people fail at. You trusted yourself enough to invest in yourself. Now it’s time to do the work to make your investment more than worth it.

Let's get you started on this path to Social Media Success!

step one

Open The Welcome Email and Create Your Free Circle Account

First up, create your free account on Circle, our dedicated community platform. It's quick and easy and houses the LI Savvy course and all of your bonus goodies. Please email us if you did not receive access.

step two

Dive Into the Course Material

Once you’re in Circle, choose your own adventure. Start with the LinkedIn Savvy Course or go for one of the bonuses like the Social Media Rockstart Framework of the Digital Brain Power Pack.

step three

Engage with the Savvy Social Community

Take a few moments and introduce yourself to the over 2,000 like-minded professionals in our Savvy Social Community. Then, make it a habit to check in regularly to network, share experiences, celebrate wins, and find the encouragement to keep learning and growing.

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