Position Overview

We are a boutique social media marketing agency focused on delivering done-for-you services to coaches, consultants, thought leaders, and passion-led online business owners. We also teach social media strategies in our online membership program and through our podcast.

We are looking for an Operations Manager to join our team.

This is a full-time role that reports directly to Andréa, the President and Owner. This is a remote, work-from-home role that requires availability during Eastern Time hours.

This employment opportunity is open to residents and citizens of Canada. Salary ranges from $65-$80K CAD depending on experience with potential for bonuses.

Your Responsibilities May Include:

Supporting the Team:

Work closely with our account managers to ensure all aspects of our clients’ projects are being completed on time and with excellence.
Work closely with our programs coordinator to ensure all campaigns are supported by the marketing and content creation teams.
Facilitate client onboarding and assign them to an account manager.
Co-facilitate client/account manager calls to ensure all items discussed are implemented and assigned.
Lead, mentor, and coach account managers and other team members.
Review workload distribution and adjust as needed.
Be an internal champion — checking in on team members, following up with projects, and seeking ways to continue to support our team.
Take ownership of regular team performance reviews.

Supporting Andréa:

Building, editing, and maintaining our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) database
Oversee all technical systems and advise when necessary.
Anticipate, identify, prevent, and resolve challenges as they arise.
Identify when new team members are needed and support the onboarding process.
Lead and run our weekly all-team meetings.
Reinforce our team mission and vision.
Review and approve time-off requests.


Experience working with a marketing agency, marketing department, or in an agency setting

Experience managing more than 10 high-performing team members at a time 

High level of attention to detail

Ability to self-motivate to complete tasks in a fast-paced environment

Ability to adapt and thrive in times of change


A quiet work environment including:

A modern computer

Modern smartphone

High-speed internet 


Noise-cancelling headphones

This role is for you if:

You love to keep people and projects on track.
You have the ability to remain calm under pressure.
You know there is a way to be direct while being highly empathetic.
You have excellent organizational skills.
You know how to provide feedback (both positive and constructive), and you know how to receive it.
You have the ability to prioritize competing tasks.
You motivate action, calm nerves, and love communicating with your team to ensure everyone is supported.
You understand your own emotions and the impact that they have to motivate a team.
You have proficiency in marketing and understand online businesses.
You’re looking for a long term position that can grow into something more.
You are legally able to work in Canada.

Please don’t apply if:

You’re working to build your own business.
You’re expecting a clear plan forward. This is a new role for this company and we expect some co-development to happen.
You don’t have any management experience.
You struggle with seeing both the big picture and the small details needed to move projects forward.
You don't understand social media marketing and the various steps needed to implement marketing plans.
You’re not available during Eastern Time business hours.

Software We Use:



G Suite 



Our Values

Integrity: The nature of our work means that we handle some sensitive data for our clients. We value honesty above all else as it is vital to our success. If a client isn’t a good fit, we tell them so. We don’t promise a certain number of sales/followers/engagement and believe doing so is dishonest. When mistakes happen, we take responsibility and work hard to make things right.

Passion: We LOVE what we do. We love creating and playing on the internet. We love our clients. We love our members. And we’re genuinely excited to help them succeed. The only reason we exist as a company is because of them and we are so grateful for that.

Communication: Life happens. We understand that. Because our team is virtual and world wide, we expect an extremely high level of communication so that our business can run smoothly.

Excellence: We go above and beyond for our clients and members. We believe in striving for 110%. Delivering an amazing service is the key to continuing to grow our business.

Friendliness: We love showing up to work with a positive outlook and compassion for our team, our clients, and our members.

Application Instructions

If you’d like to be considered for this role, complete the application below. Keep in mind that we’re looking to hire for this role by January 4th, 2022 and will close applications as soon as we find the right fit.

Step #1: Complete this form: https://forms.gle/AexKnYEjD4CaZqwB7
Step #2: Wait for us to contact you. We’ll likely receive too many applications to respond to each one individually. If you’re a good fit, we’ll reach out to you.

Good luck!