Put Your Creative Energy Into Course Creation Not Social Media Content

Introducing The Course Creator Bundle. Your ready-to-post social media assets designed to supercharge your course creation journey.

Aren’t you sick of feeling guilty about spending more time creating content for social than you are on the actual courses you’re selling?

Alllll those hours you’re spending designing in Canva, brainstorming content ideas, and writing captions are eating away at the time you should be spending on leveling up your course creation business. 

And to be honest, if you want to stay relevant with your target audience, you have to put some real time into social media. You need the visuals to stop the scroll. You need the on-point captions to increase engagement.

But you also need time to make sure your course content is still relevant. You still need time to devote to the students who’ve bought your courses. You still need time to do the dozens of different tasks it takes to create and launch your course.

Well, there’s a way you can do it all without having to sacrifice time, quality or sleep (I know some of y’all are staying up way past your bedtime trying to do it all).

Professionally Designed Social Media Assets Built For Course Creators Like You!

The Course Creator Bundle is the game-changing solution that will help you feel like you have an entire team of expert content creators, even if you’re working all by yourself.

Whether you’re hitting creative block in your brainstorming sessions, you need a little or a lot of inspiration, or you’re just sick and tired of figuring out what looks and sounds good on your own…

Your new customizable and ready-to-use social media assets will save you time and have you feeling like a social media content creation pro.

Professionally Designed Canva Graphics.

From professionally designed logos and cover photos to social media graphics in various sizes, infographics, and quote graphics, this bundle equips you with everything you need to create visually stunning social media material that attracts your audience. And they're all customizable! 

Copywriter Approved Swipe Files.

You’ll receive captivating Storytelling Posts, Engagement Caption Swipe Files, Promotional Captions for lead magnets and products, and a collection of 20 Blog/Video/Podcast Topics, ensuring you have all the inspiration and ready-to-use content you need to keep your audience hooked and increase engagement. 

Plug & Play Sales Page Template

Say goodbye to the dread of staring at a blank page, trying to figure out how to sell your course. With our Plug & Play Sales Page Template, you're getting more than just a template; you're unlocking the secret to effortless, persuasive sales pages that convert. Using Canva's easy to customize design tools, you'll have the ability to tweak every element match your brand.

Stress-Free Content Creation Awaits

Snatch up this bundle and ditch your creative block today.

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