Social Media Mega Template Bundle

A Huge Collection of DFY Graphics, Captions, & Templates Crafted With The Heart, Soul, And Strategy AI Can Only Dream Of!

Social Media Mega Bundle

When Saving Time With AI Just Isn’t Enough

Social Media Mega Bundle - Savvy Social School

Ever noticed how some social media content feels… robotic? 

Sure, trying anything and everything to save time is a huge reason we turn to AI.

While AI speeds things up, it often misses the mark on what makes you human. The uniqueness. The emotion. The authentic connection. AI's still chasing that dream.

But it’s a reality with this bundle of posts created with a 100% human touch.

Every piece is handcrafted with heart, soul, and a whoooole lot of strategy. My goal for you overworked biz owners who deserve a break from the constant content creation cycle is for you to not just save time but to keep up your momentum and make every moment – and post – count.

You can’t skimp on low quality for high-volume output, and you can’t risk confusing or pushing your audience away, so every template, every caption, and every graphic in this bundle is your secret weapon to saving tons of time while helping you stay uniquely and unapologetically you.

So, if you're after more than just a time-saver by having all of your posts for 2024 ready to upload and you want to set yourself up to make genuine connections all year long, this Social Media DFY Bundle is all you need.

Social Media Mega Bundle - Savvy Social School

Putting The Authenticity Back Into Consistency


The online experts shout consistency, but I think we should all be shouting louder for authenticity. 

If consistency is your only focus, AI can put out posts faster than you can even think of, but what’s the use if all of your content feels dead inside?

The real power isn’t just in showing up consistently. It’s in HOW you show up consistently.

When you consistently put out content with a genuine human touch, your audience doesn’t just see you (and scroll on past).

They connect with you.

Now, imagine having more authentic expert-created content than you know what to do with right at your fingertips, ready to go.

This means eliminating the stress of brainstorming new ideas for the perfect graphic and caption combo, which will free you up to deal with the more important challenges in your business, take advantage of more growth opportunities, and take a long overdue break.

This is where done-for-you posts come to your rescue!


Social Media Mega Template Bundle


Time is a premium, and if you want to keep your business moving in the right direction, time is something you can‘t waste. 

Having 1000s of human-crafted and strategically laid out posts isn't just a luxury. It's a necessity.

As the weight of responsibility continues to grow, this bundle will be the lifeline that gives you the freedom to shift your focus back to the heart of your business and start enjoying life again.

Here is the beauty of done-for-you posts:

And the cherry on top? Flexibility! These aren’t rigid templates.

Most importantly, no more sitting down in front of a blank screen or trying to find the perfect prompt so ChatGPT can finally give you an output you can work with.

What's Inside


Everything you need in one place for your social media posts

Over $3000 of templates, captions, social media posts, and graphics.

365 Content Ideas

A year's worth of dynamic content ideas. Never run out of ideas again! Just plug in your promotional strategy, and you are all set for a whole year!

✨Just Added✨
Children's Education Brand Bundle
Engage young learners and their guardians with vibrant, educational graphics that both teach and inspire!
Artists & Crafters Bundle

Boost your business with tailored social media templates especially designed for artists & crafters! 

Ultimate Yoga Bundle

Customized for yoga practitioners, teachers, and enthusiasts, these can be the perfect way for you to show your passion and establish yourself as the authority.

Social Media Brand Bundle for Churches
Profess your faith and/or use it as inspiration to show your spirituality. These posts are perfect for that.
Podcast Promo Pack

Got a podcast you need to promote? Use these graphics, captions, and templates to share it on your social media.

Wellness Brand Bundle
Wellness, mindset, healthy living, whatever you feel strongly about, you now have the templates and posts to start having conversations about it with your audience!
Environmentalist Bundle

Amplify your eco-brand's voice with specialized social media templates. Go green, get seen using these graphics, quotes, captions, and hashtags.


Financial Services Bundle

Enhance your financial brand's digital presence with premium social media templates. Use these templates to educate and inspire your audience on all things finance!

fitness brand bundle

Power up your fitness brand with dynamic social media templates. Train hard, post smart with these branded graphics, captions, templates, and more.

Lawyer Bundle
Lawyer or someone who advises your clients for a living? Use these templates and posts to reach your ideal clients!
food brand bundle

Savor the flavor of branding with our delectable social media templates. Feast, post, repeat with these graphics, templates, and engagement boosting assets.

freelancer bundle

Elevate your freelance game with sleek social media templates. Showcase skills, shine online with these business building templates.

life coach bundle

Empower your coaching brand with transformative social media templates. Inspire growth, post with impact using our dynamic marketing assets. 

Diversity Bundle

The world is waking up to the fact that we need everyone to have a seat at the table. Use these templates to share your diversity experiences!

Meme Templates
Sometimes, we just need a break. Surprise and delight your audience with these fun memes. Tag us so we can share a laugh!
Course Creator Bundle
Elevate your course offerings with tailored graphics and captions, making course promotion a breeze!
Instagram Template Bundle
Boost your game on IG with these platform-specific scroll-stopping templates designed for maximum engagement!
Testimonial Templates
Showcase the love your clients and customers have for you with these sleek, attention-grabbing testimonial graphics!
parenting bundle

Empower your clients and customers by showcasing your expertise on social with these graphics, templates, quotes, and more!

pet business bundle

Unleash potential with tailored solutions for your pet business. For love of paws, prosper & post.

real estate bundle

Elevate property listings with premium social media templates. Sell homes and build digital presence with our brand building marketing templates.

therapist bundle

Enhance your therapeutic outreach with curated social media templates. Heal minds and connect hearts using these social media graphics, templates, and engagement boosting assets.

tourism brand bundle

Showcase destinations vividly with our engaging social media templates. Inspire wanderlust with these dynamic marketing assets.

Did Someone Mention Bonuses?


If you purchase today, you’ll receive immediate access to Visually Savvy: A Canva Course (a cool $97 in value) absolutely free! 

Learn how to use Canva to easily create all the social media content you need with ease. Whether you're a Canva newbie or a pro, discover tricks, tips, hidden features, and just fun, cool ways of using Canva that you didn’t know existed!

Andréa Jones

Hey there! I'm Andréa.


I help businesses create an impact beyond their brand through authentic social media marketing strategies that focus on building a community of real and engaged followers. 

Here's the thing. I'm all about sharing is caring. While I originally created these done-for-you social media assets for my membership program, I wanted to share them here with you so that you can experience the relief of not worrying about what to post next.

So you're in for a treat, my friend. My team and I have spent years building this amazing collection of social media packs, and we continue to update the bundles with what’s working on social—all to help you win back your time!

Social media should be fun, and my mission is to reduce that overwhelming feeling and build a strategy that works for you.

Who is This Bundle For?


Extreme Time-Saving With A Human Touch

Access 1000s of handcrafted social media-ready content designed with the heart and strategy AI can't touch. Streamline your social media content for the next year without compromising your authentic voice.


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