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What’s The Name Of Your Podcast?

You’ll love hearing this question, and you’ll be proud to be on give your answer!

Thank you so much for signing up for the Behind The Mic Podcasting Course. I’m so excited that you are taking the same journey I took to increase my authority, build my audience, and grow my business to a whole new level.

Now it’s your turn! And I hope this course and my story inspire you to bring your podcast idea to life.

Here’s how you can get started:

step 1

Check your inbox

Check your inbox for details on how to access your account and gain access to the course material.

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Log-In to your account and look over the modules, worksheets, and bonuses. 


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Join In

Join the Savvy Social Circle Community and introduce yourself so we can give you a motivational boost to keep logging in and learning until it’s time to launch.

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Get Consistent

Create time in your schedule to log in regularly so you can make consistent progress on the course and your podcast.

Thanks again for joining the course, and I can’t wait to listen to episode one of your podcast!
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