Turn Your Ideas Into A Revenue-Generating Framework

Aligned Offers Bootcamp

A 4-day virtual bootcamp for marketing professionals
motivated to create a unique-to-you offer suite.

Originally, this bootcamp was crafted with love (and a touch of panache) for Social Media Strategists and Digital Marketers. But guess what? If you're running an online biz selling digital goodies or services, this bootcamp will fit you like the perfect sweater.


You Can WILL Create A One-Of-A-Kind Offer That Attracts Your Perfect Clients…Over And Over Again!

And in this Instant Access Virtual Bootcamp, me and my expert marketer friends are going to show you exactly how to dream up, design, and deliver your signature offer!

This bootcamp is going to be hard (but oh so rewarding) work, so let’s make sure this is right for you.

If any of these resonate with you (or you feel flat out exposed), then it’s time to be a boss and do something about it!

Making these tough realities a thing of your past will take a little push from someone on the outside who knows your pains, wants to see you reach your potential, and needs you to stop selling yourself short.

Pause for a second and think about how it would feel if you STOPPED selling yourself short.

Stop imagining and feel all those good feels FOR REAL when you join the Aligned Offers Bootcamp!

The Aligned Offers Bootcamp

This 4-Day Instant Access WORKshop, isn’t another course or webinar you can passively attend with the hope of absorbing some key ideas.

No lectures here! I’ll be your guide as you WORK through each step, from Building Your Framework to Productizing Your Services.

And if you join me and engage every single day, by day 4, you’ll have a fully fleshed-out offer you’ll be proud to put out into the world and attract the clients you love to work with.


Dive deep into the science behind successful offers and learn to identify ways you can add your own secret sauce so that finding your offer won’t feel like a game of needle in a haystack for your future clients.

Learn the strategy for creating a signature offer that highlights the major value you offer your clients and identify potential sub-offers to help fill out your offer suite.

Now, it’s time to spread the word about your shiny new offer using the proven principles that attract the right clients and customers to help your business grow.

This is taking your offer to the next level! I invited business systems guru Audrey Kwan to teach you how to elevate your offer into a well-oiled machine, so you don’t have to pull all the levers to make sure the product is delivered with excellence.

The Aligned Offers Bootcamp is the focused space your inner marketer has been craving to help you distinguish your uniqueness and create your dream service offering that makes your job easier and more profitable.

The Marketing Space Isn’t Over Saturated.

✨ It’s Missing Your Uniqueness! ✨

I hear it all the time. There are too many people offering the services/products I offer. There are too many people doing what I do to really make a name for myself. But that’s not true. Maybe there are a lot of marketers, but nobody can do what you do AND how you do it.

My goal is to help you discover and define your special how!

Your special how (your soon coming offer) isn’t hiding. It’s waiting for you to draw it out and let it help you establish your profitable place in your market.

Creating Your Unique Mark In Your Industry Starts With A Little TLC!

No, not tender loving care (though that can’t hurt).

This TLC…
Time, Learning, and Commitment.

Join The Aligned Offers Bootcamp and Give Yourself All Three!

A Good Offer Delivers Value. An Aligned Offer Over Delivers Value.

Let Me Prove It...

In addition to four days of Instant-Access Training and Lifetime Access to the replays (in case you need a refresher for your next offer), I also have these surprise bonuses for you…

🚀 The OnlineDrea Offer Overview: Get an inside view of actual offers launched by my team. See our offer map, the exact services we developed, our official offer playbook, the offers we use to grow our membership program, The Savvy Social School, and even get a Full Revenue Breakdown of our 2022 offers!

🚀 Behind-The-Offer: Learn from marketing superstars I still learn from to continue maximizing my offerings. This includes the Podcast Intensive with Jeremy Enns, the SEO Playbook with Meg Casebolt, Strategic Guidance from the amazing Audrey Kwan, and OMGrowth with Lanie Lamarre. This alone is worth the price of admission to the bootcamp!

🚀 Bonus Lessons: Let the learning continue with lessons on Micro Offers to help you dip your toes in the water before going all in and How to Address Offer Objections so you can cure client hesitation and make taking your offer a no-brainer.

🚀 The Offer Launch Planner: Don’t worry about staring at a dreaded blank page. You’ll never have to build your offer roadmap from scratch with this planner my business uses to stay on track, avoid missing steps, and start the planning process with a huge dose of momentum.

As a recap, you get everything I just mentioned AND Four Days of Instant-Access training with me!

Now that's an offer! The same kind of irresistible offer you'll be putting together once you sign up for the bootcamp!

Are you ready to turn your bright idea into a revenue-generating framework?

You can absolutely use the bit of info from this page to motivate your hours-long (or days-long) search on trusty YouTube & Google University and finally be accountable to yourself to make time to create your signature offer.


You can stop selling yourself short and let someone else (me) lay out everything you need in simple, manageable steps. All you need to do is show up, do the work, and finally see what it feels like to reap the benefits of having your own signature offer.

What’s your choice?

You…or you and me?

YouTube & Google University

FREE (only costs you time searching and wasting time watching vids or reading blogs that were long and unhelpful until you find one that can steer you in the right direction. But again, it’s FREE.

Aligned Offers

For 4 Days of Instant Access Replay training plus the bonuses…
Only a single payment of $197!

Aligned Offers Bootcamp

Your Questions Answered


A: If you made it this far on the page, I’m gonna say yes. But to help you out, this bootcamp is perfect for early-stage or mid-stage marketers with a couple of clients and making anywhere from $30-250K per year. The most important factor? You’re super motivated to create a signature offer so you can expand your revenue options.

A: This workshop was taught live and all of the replays are available to re-watch at your own time. 

A: Once you register for the bootcamp, the bonus sessions and downloads will be waiting for you in Circle.

A: Each of the main lessons are about an hour long and they include opportunities to work alongside the lessons. The bonus lessons are between 2-10 minutes long.

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