Low Ticket Live

Take Your Low Ticket Offer To A Whole New Level!

Your Social Media Bonuses Are Ready! What you’ll learn in the Low Ticket Live Summit is only the beginning! Get ready to grab some seriously sweet social media goodies that will teach you how to jumpstart your low-ticket offer campaign using the awesome power of social media.

Hey, I’m Andréa Jones

As the founder of the Savvy Social School, I love helping students who DON’T see social media through the lens of being a burden or a necessary evil in their marketing strategy. I love working with founders, strategists, and creatives who are excited about the potential of social media as a tool for growing their businesses. These are the people who experience success the fastest, are less prone to burnout, and will become leaders in their space.

If that’s you, these offers were created with you in mind. Grab one, two, or all three of the amazing offers you see below and experience first-hand experience on how these products have helped so many founders level up their social media skills and learn what it means to make social media work for them–not the other way around.

The Next Step In Delivering Your Low-Ticket, High-Value Offer Is Learning How To Make Social Media Work In Your Favor

And these unbeatable freebies will show you how!

The Social Media Starter Kit

This course has launched winning social media strategies for so many founders, creatives, content creators, and social media strategists. This is where you learn how to take back control of your social media experience instead of feeling the overwhelming burden of playing the social media game.

Once you’ve completed the course, I guarantee those feelings of being a social media beginner will disappear, and you’ll have a solid strategy in place for creating regular content, attracting your target audience, and skyrocketing your growth using the awesome power of social media!

Free Month Membership to the Savvy Social School

Risk-free, no obligation, full access to our online social media learning community. Not only will you have access to our catalog of courses and done-for-you content (including professionally designed, customizable Canva templates), but you’ll also become part of our community, where you can engage with other founders, strategists, and creators who are embracing each other on their paths to using social media as a tool to grow their business.

This offer expires in 60 days, so sign up for full access to the school today and use code LTL23 at checkout!

Savvy Social School Content

Or Take Advantage Of Our Most Popular Low-Ticket Offers!

Instagram 9 Grid - Savvy Social School

9 Grid Templates

Take a pause from posting regularly and turn your Instagram into a mini-landing for your business!

The Feed - Savvy Social School

The Feed

Stop sifting through the social media news pile and tune in to curated social media news that matters to businesses like yours!

Trend Savvy - Savvy Social School

Trend Savvy

Stay on top of the latest trends on TikTok, Instagram, and more… instead of getting left behind and hearing about it when it’s already played out!

Your Path To Social Media Success Needs a GPS

Or else you’ll end up taking so many wrong turns that you’ll constantly feel like you’re starting from scratch–or get so overwhelmed that you just give up.

But these bonuses are here to prevent that. To give you direction and even a few shortcuts as you learn the strategies that will take you from a confused social media newbie to a confident social media pro!

Learn all you can from the Low Ticket Live Summit and partner it with our Free Social Media kit, and watch how your relationship with social media marketing is completely transformed!


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