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Helping you scroll less, connect more, and use social media as a tool to grow your business so that you can build a profitable community online.

let's get strategic

Use Social Media as a Tool to Grow Your Business
(Not Take Over Your Life)

No more aimless scrolling or throwing posts at the wall to see what sticks. You're not just looking for likes or followers. You're crafting a community—a place where your brand isn't just seen but felt. You want strategy, not scattergun. You crave connections, not just clicks. And most of all, you desire the freedom to enjoy the fruits of your labor, without being chained to your phone or laptop.

Wave “bye-bye” to your social media situationship.

You may be feeling like...

Create Content in Hours (Not Weeks)

“I can create the copy for a week — for example, Instagram in an hour. That just blows my mind that I've been able to do that. Before, it took me forever just to do one post.”

— Jen

You’re Not Wrong

Here’s Why These Problems Get Under Your Skin…

While Mr. Al, the Algorithm, has robbed us of so much of what made social media fun back in the day, he has also turned social media into an amazing (and pretty much free) marketing tool for growing your business.

But that’s where the hard part comes in.

How do you know what finicky Mr. Al wants from you in order to reach your target audience? And why does he have to have an alternate personality wherever you go? He’s so frustratingly inconsistent that strategies that work amazingly on one platform, falls completely flat on another. Why does it all have to be so much work?

Somebody make it make sense!

TL;DR: Social media is loud.

What if I told you there was an anti-hustle, simple-to-execute social media strategy?

 A straightforward, no-nonsense strategy that cuts through the chaos and 50-11 social media updates.

Something that's more about smart moves than non-stop hustle.

A game plan that lets you speak your truth, connect authentically, and actually enjoy the ride without playing algorithm roulette.


Your life before the
Savvy Social School:

Your life after the
Savvy Social School:


The Savvy Social School

The online social media learning community where coaches, creatives, strategists, and thought-leaders come to learn together, work together, and grow their businesses together using the amazing advantages of social media marketing.

Here’s What’s Inside

Here’s What You’ll Love Most
About The School

Community - Savvy Social School

The Community

They say you’re the sum of the people you hang out with, and your work as a business leader is no different. So learn and build your biz with a community of like-minded leaders who share a common goal–win using the amazing power of social media on their own terms.


We have video courses and walkthroughs for every platform and strategy you need to start building a winning social media strategy of your own on the social platforms you love most.

Courses - Savvy Social School
The Live Sessions - Savvy Social School

The support Sessions

The self-paced courses are great, but when it’s time to go a level deeper into what it takes to be a business that thrives using social media, our asynchronous sessions with our expert guests are where you will make your greatest impact as a strategist for your business.

Done-For-You Templates

As a member of the School, we do a lot of heavy lifting for you, with plenty of done-for-your templates created by a team of expert strategists and creatives so you can take the guesswork out of creating magnetic content.

Done-for-You Templates - Savvy Social School

Go From This...

Before Savvy Social School


To This...

After Savvy Social School





office hours

Want A Sneak Peek At Everything?

Social Media Rockstar - Savvy Social School

Social Media Rockstar Framework

$497 value

Instagram Savvy - Savvy Social School

Instagram Savvy

$297 value

Facebook Savvy - Savvy Social School

Facebook Savvy

$297 value

LinkedIn Savvy - Savvy Social School

LinkedIn Savvy

$297 value

Pinterest Savvy - Savvy Social School

Pinterest Savvy

$297 value

TikTok Savvy - Savvy Social School

TikTok Savvy

$297 value

Clubhouse Savvy - Savvy Social School

Clubhouse Savvy

$97 value

Amplify with Ads - Savvy Social School

Amplify with Ads

$397 value

Visually Savvy - Savvy Social School

Visually Savvy: A Canva Course

$97 value

Video Savvy - Savvy Social School

Video Savvy

$197 value

AI Savvy - Savvy Social School

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Savvy

$97 value

The Yoga Brand Bundle

Ultimate Yoga Bundle

$197 valuE

The Churches Brand Bundle

Social Media Brand Bundle for Churches

$197 value

The Freelancers Brand Bundle

Social Media Brand Bundle for Freelancers

$197 value

The Pet Business Brand Bundle

Social Media Brand Bundle for Pet Businesses

$197 value

The Fitness Brand Bundle

Social Media Brand Bundle for Fitness Brands

$197 value

The Real Estate Brand Bundle

Social Media Brand Bundle for Real Estate Professionals

$197 value

The Podcast Promo Brand Bundle

Podcast Promo Pack

$97 value

The Wellness Brand Bundle

Wellness Brand Bundle

$97 value

The Financial Brand Bundle

Financial Services Bundle

$97 value

The Speaker Brand Bundle

The Speaker Brand Bundle

$197 value

The Lawyer Brand Bundle

Lawyer Bundle

$47 value

The Carousel Post Template Bundle

Carousel Post Template Bundle

$47 value

The Diversity Brand Bundle

Diversity Bundle

$197 value

The Therapist Brand Bundle

Therapist Bundle

$197 value

The Food Brand Template Bundle

Food Blogger Bundle

$197 value

The Parenting Brand Bundle

Parenting Bundle

$197 value

The Ultimate Editable Meme Social Media Templates

Meme Templates

$97 value

The Environmentalist Brand Bundle

The Environmentalist Bundle

$197 value

The Life Coaches Brand Bundle

Bundle for Life Coaches

$197 value

The Tourism Brand Bundle

The Tourism Brand Bundle

$197 value

The Children's Education Brand Bundle

The Children's Ed Brand Bundle

$197 value

The Instagram Template Bundle

Instagram Template Bundle

$97 value

Course Creator Bundle

$97 value

The Feed Podcast

The Feed

$97 value

Trend Savvy - Savvy Social School

Trend Savvy

$97 value

Live Session Vault - Savvy Social School

Live Session Vault

$497/mo value

Savvy Social School - Growth Challenges

Growth Challenges

$197 value

Savvy Social School - Guest Expert Sessions

Guest Expert Sessions

$200 value

Savvy Social School - Unlimited Strategy Support

Unlimited Strategy Support


Calm Your Social Media Overwhelm

“I really wanted a straightforward approach, someone who would approach [social media marketing] systematically, so that would calm down my feeling of overwhelm… I need a recording in my head of Andréa going, ‘Just one little step. One little step today. That’s it.' You’re giving us little, tiny things to do every day, and the accumulation of those things are what’s gonna build more mastery for me.”

— joelle

You'll also get

All The Support You’ll Need

the support sessions

Nearly every month there is a support session where the entire community is invited to connect, learn, and ask questions.

Circle Community

No need to go from a learning platform to a Facebook group and keep up with multiple logins. All of the community resources are in one easy-to-access online home on Circle.

Transcripts for all new programming

Miss a session, or maybe you’re a reader and love to highlight and take notes? We have you covered with transcripts available for all of our programming.

I have a TikTok that is at 50K and climbing in less than 24 hours

“I'm about to faint here. Right now, it has 4,347 likes, 355 comments (that I have spent the last couple of hours responding personally to), 208 shares and 285 saves, over 600 new followers and I already have one discovery call booked from someone who checked out my website. I'm in total shock. None of my posts on TikTok have had more than a couple hundred views, and the same video on IG has only 166 views, and on FB 215 views. Here is the link if you want to see it. It's super simple, no filters no sound, just me and my message.”

— Melissa Reilly,
Psychologist and Moms Without A Mom Coach

“I feel confident now, as a result of everything I've learned from you already and will continue to learn from you, that I can use social media strategically, to help me launch the podcast, grow my list, and go from working one to one, to one to many.” 

— Diann

a Brighter, More Balanced Social Media Future

Membership Options

Instant Access

for all membership levels


Student Success Stories

Relive the incredible success stories of our Savvy Social School Students who found their social media superpowers! Their stories will inspire you and shine a light on how the right resources, mixed with the right community, make all the difference when trying to tap into the awesome power of social media! 


“Everything you could ever need to get you started all in a single location. Anything from social media starter kits to templates to social media calendars. It has answers to all my questions as well as extra advice from experts who have already “been there, done that” and are open to helping others. Just an amazing toolkit and community to have on hand through the ups and downs.”

— Grislean Palacios

“Damn, you're good, Andréa! Every time I ask a question, you're the first person ever since I started building my businesses in 2005 that has made a lick of sense. I'm actually getting emotional here. Where the hell have you been hiding woman!?? You have given me hope for the very first time on this subject. Honestly. First time ever.”

— Jaime Buckley

Great well-rounded social media school that goes beyond Instagram and looks at all the social media platforms. The coaching hour where you can get your questions answered live, via Zoom, and feedback on your social media strategy and feed from Andrea is exactly what I needed. I felt stuck and now I have a clear vision where I need to go. 100% worth it!”

— Jessica Rhoades

Satisfaction Guarantee

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We would hate to see you go, but if, within the first 30 days, you realize this community isn’t right for you, no problem. We offer a 30 Day money-back guarantee. We hope that whatever you take away from your time in school, you will use to do amazing things for your business on social media.

Who is this for?

Is The Savvy Social School Right For Me?

This community is NOT for you if:

This community is PERFECT for you if:

“I'm currently in the beginning stages of launching my business on social media. Before being enrolled in The Savvy Social School I was nervous and stuck on finding the perfect strategy to launch my candle business on Instagram. After watching the training inside the school called, how to launch on social media I am now confident that the launch will go well because Andrea equipped me with the tools and strategies to make sure the launch is a success. Any additional questions that came up I was able to email Andrea to receive clarity. I also love that she provides ready-made graphics to post on social media. If you are like me and felt stuck and unsure about launching a business on social media The Savvy Social School is for you! Whatever platform you choose Andrea covers it all. The Savvy Social School is worth every penny!”

— Arion Broussard, CEO, Love Shines Candles


Here’s what happens when you join

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Invest in the future of your business by joining the best social media-focused membership around.

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Check your inbox for confirmation and then celebrate your decision and the future success of your business!

Instant Access

Create your log-in then get active in the Circle community by introducing yourself and searching the discussion boards to join the convos that are already happening.

Hey, I’m Andréa Jones

Meet Your Lead Mentor, Instructor, And Your Biggest Cheerleader!

Before I was the owner of a social media marketing agency and host of a top-100-rated marketing podcast, I struggled with social media too. I was a Free Spirit. I’d have bursts of inspired posting one week and then months of procrastination at its finest UNTIL…

…I discovered the power of taking one little step each day to use social media as a tool to grow my business. Consistency brought me better results, but I got burned out from all the negativity in my feed and feeling like I had to respond instantly to every notification. So I took CONTROL of my relationship with social media by turning off notifications and meditating. That’s when I realized you have to be strategic. Not just with the growth part. Not just with protecting your peace. But with EVERYTHING. So you can scale sustainably while fulfilling your true purpose: using your voice for good, serving others, and adding more light into the world.

Featured in:

"I'd never gotten more than about 1000 views..."

“I've noticed something interesting about each of the videos I've posted. Both were only 15 seconds, first time I've posted videos and not tried to squeeze everything I could into them…What's strange is that when I first looked at the results, I had about 2500 views. I'd never gotten more than about 1000 views on any of my videos. Then it just kept going up, topping off at almost 12K views! First time that's ever happened!”

— Wendy Battles

Meet Me In The Community

Simple, No Pressure Payment Plan

“I am the director of a small nonprofit arts org in Brooklyn and decided 2020 was the time to really understand how to engage with social media and digital marketing with purpose and intelligence. Your school, and podcasts really helped us create a framework for moving forward. Now we know how to pay attention to our results and connect them to scalable changes in our business. I would say it's a fantastic way to get into a new gear with social media and digital marketing. it's a great ‘spring cleaning' for intermediate users, and a welcoming introduction to beginners. “

— Monica Johnson, Director,


The Answers to Your Most Important Questions

Yes! The School was created for business owners just like you. The coaching and courses are designed to help at any stage of your business journey.

Absolutely! While the school was created for business owners, the courses, training, and materials will give you the skills, knowledge, and confidence to help your clients win big on social media.
Sure. We don’t hold our students to any long-term contracts. But you’ll get the best value by maintaining your membership status and being an engaged member of the community. Each month comes with private coaching, new training, and new done-for-you social media posts–all of which you’ll be missing out on.

The in-depth courses and live expert trainings are enough to set us apart, but what our members love the most and turns them into lifelong learners is the emphasis we place on community. Networking and working together with like-minded people is what helps so many of our students break through plateaus, stay motivated to create content, and remain encouraged to stay true to the strategy that is going to help them reach their social media marketing goals.

Get in touch

Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

I don’t want you to guess that the Savvy Social School is right for you. I want you to know that when you make the investment in finding a community as motivated as you are to win on social media, you are making the right decision. So if you have any other questions, the fastest way to get in touch is to DM me on Instagram at @onlinedrea.

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