2023 Pre-event Podcast for the

Savvy Social


We ditched the cringe Zoom networking sessions for something better!

(Did I just hear a huge sigh of relief from all of my fellow introverts?)

We’re putting together a private podcast for retreat attendees only…and you get to star in your own episode!

Supercharge Your Marketing in 2023

All About Connection

The Savvy Social retreat is all about connections.

Reconnecting with our authentic selves and our purpose. And connecting with other business owners who know what it’s like to get caught up in the grind and need the space to think deeper and dream bigger without the pressure of knocking out tasks on to-do lists, answering the never-ending client requests, and supervising our teams.

We all love doing the work we do, but at some point, if we want to be at our best, we need to be able to unashamedly ask the question, “What about me?”

It’s not selfish to think of yourself, it’s healthy. I want to have that mindset now so that by the time November rolls around, you’ll be able to hop on that plane or hit the road guilt-free and ready to experience a relaxing and intimate time at the retreat.

The Savvy Social Retreat Private Podcast

No Zoom links. No need to dress to impress. No struggling with lighting.

Just you, a mic (or your cell phone), and a quiet place where you can be you.

Each solo podcast episode features a retreat attendee in a 5-10 minute audio recorded session.

You’ll get to know who they are, what type of work they do, some fun and interesting facts about them, and what they hope to get out of their time at the retreat.

Oh, in case anybody was wondering if the retreat really is focused more on personal connections than traditional pressure-filled networking, read this next line.

2023 Pre-Event Podcast for the Savvy Social Retreat
2023 Pre-Event Podcast for the Savvy Social Retreat
2023 Pre-Event Podcast for the Savvy Social Retreat

This Podcast Is Not A 10-Minute Pitch Session!

If you want to talk business, save it for after the retreat. And if you do end up recording a pitch of your business because that’s what we’re all in the habit of doing–we kindly ask you to re-record! 

This podcast is a relaxed and pressure-free way for attendees to get to know each other before we all gather together this fall.

It’s not a requirement, so no pressure at all to record.

But if being part of a community is one of your values and you don’t want to come to this retreat just to be a wallflower but instead really contribute to the experience, this podcast is perfect for you.

Ready to host your very own episode of the Savvy Social Retreat Private Podcast?

Here's how it works:

Be in a small, quiet space with closed doors/windows and free from distractions and interruptions during your recording. Click the Start Recording button below and let the retreat attendees know who you are.

Once you’re done recording, listen over it a few times (you know, just in case you’re a perfectionist and want to re-record 3 or 4x). And once you’re happy, title your recording, enter your name, and press save.

I don’t want you to overthink this, so we came up with some helpful recording prompts. ➡️

Fill out the form below so my team can start to write your show notes.

After you fill out the form, upload your file and press submit. And my team will take care of the rest–including editing your episode!

If you want some inspiration, listen to the previous episodes from other attendees. Maybe it will spark some fun and creativity for your own message.



Submit your recording & fill out the form below!

Listen Now

The Savvy Social Retreat Private Podcast

Listen in and connect with other biz owners attending the Savvy Social Retreat.

Who knows? Maybe your new business BFF is waiting to meet you.



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