The #1 most effective marketing strategy is word of mouth marketing.

And that's exactly what influencer marketing is: word of mouth marketing but with super powers.

There's only so much we can talk about how great we are on social media. Let's get some influential people to also share their experience with your brand!

are you ready to reach the right people?

You're a few steps away from a influencer marketing and management service that will take your business to new heights. 

Here's how it works

Before we dive into reaching out to influencers, let's start with a strategy.

Each strategy is $499 and includes the following:

Market Research

Let's get an understanding of how your brand's offer fits with the current market.

Action Plan

Every business is unique so we create an action plan geared towards more engagement, clicks, and shares.

Influencer Assets

We'll create email templates, lists, and outlines so that our outreach efforts are as strategic as possible.

now that we've got a strategy, let's build on it with monthly MAINTENANCE packages

Once we have an action plan and your account is fully optimized, we then move on to monthly maintenance.


$ 599 Monthly
  • 10 Influencer Posts Per Month
  • Hand Selected Influencers
  • Ongoing Relationship Maintenance
  • Weekly Inbox Reports
  • Monthly Video Reports
  • Monthly Strategy Sessions


$ 1299 Monthly
  • 25 Influencer Posts Per Month
  • Hand Selected Influencers
  • Ongoing Relationship Maintenance
  • Influencer Campaign Optimization
  • Budget Monitoring
  • Includes Video Campaigns
  • Weekly Inbox Reports
  • Monthly Video Reports
  • Monthly Strategy Sessions
Best Value

“Andrea is knowledgeable, creative, pleasant, energetic, easy to work with and goes the extra mile to take your project to the next level:) Andrea and her team are an asset to have on our team and I’ve really enjoyed working with her!”

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We find the right influencers

Big followers don't always mean big results.

We're dedicated to finding the influencers who will go above and beyond for our clients and partners. 

Brands We've Worked With

hi there, i'm andréa jones

A tender-hearted, tech-loving social media strategist.

I team up with busy entrepreneurs to develop and implement social media solutions, freeing up time so that they can focus on what lights them up about their businesses. And I can do the same for you.

Whether you are a coach, podcaster, blogger, business owner, or creative entrepreneur, my job is to help you connect with your ideal customer on social media and build a meaningful relationship.

Your brand deserves a strong online presence, and that’s what I’ve delivered hundreds of satisfied clients since 2014. 

I help you bridge the gap by making your vision a reality.   

In short, you’ll get specific strategies that are designed to increase your website traffic, build your community, and bring more leads and sales to your business.

are you ready?

You're a few steps away from a Influencer Management service that will give your business the boost it needs to go to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. We will work together to create a separate email account specifically for influencer campaigns.

It depends on what kind of clout your business already has, how much content you produce, and the niche you're in. Click here for some case studies from past clients.

If you select the “Growth” package, my team and I will create work on managing and negotiating with influencers to ensure we're all happy with the agreed upon price.

I do not required a fixed-term contract. I work with my clients on a month-to-month basis (monthly billing), meaning that you are free to discontinue working with me whenever you so choose. That said, my goal is to continue working with you forever.