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This is the page where you’ll find alllll of the things I offer (both free and paid) so you can dive all the way into my world. Handy right?

(The strategy/idea for this page came from Lizzy Goddard. Wanna do it for yourself? Learn how for $9 using my affiliate link.)

Become a Savvy Social Insider

Join 16,000+ bold business owners enjoying a weekly curation of social media-related content that blends the true-to-you personality and messaging with the data-and-science-based creative strategies that move the needle in all the right ways


Digital Products


Savvy Social School Content

Savvy Social School - $97/month

Thousands of students come through our virtual doors to put the profit and fun back into their social media marketing. They stay when their eyes are open to what’s possible when you don’t have to do the lonely work of social media marketing all on your own.

🔔 If you want nearly every digital product I offer PLUS unlimited strategy support, the School is the best option.

Savvy Social School Pro - $297/mo

If you’re a social media strategist or marketing agency wanting to learn how to use all social media has to offer, grow your profitability, get better client results, and structure your business in a way that actually sets the stage for upscaling… then this mentorship program is for you.


Social Media Playbook

A fully customized guide that helps you save time, money, and energy, the Social Media Playbook gives you specific strategies that are designed to help you increase website traffic, build online communities, and bring more leads (and sales) to your business.

Full-Service Social Media Management
Starting at $2500/mo

Hand over your social media strategy, content, and growth to my team of experts. Put your focus back on what you love to do in your business! Our lightweight strategies let you experience the less stressful side of social media while we take care of the heavy lifting in the background.

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