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Your Personal Digital Brain Buildout

The never-ending social media content grind? It's exhausting. But what if you could unlock your best thought leader moments, rediscover those personal stories, reconnect with your most popular content, and amplify the essence of your brand–without spending hours and hours trying to spin content gold from thin air?

Starting from scratch is dead!

My team is ready to unearth all that content gold you’ve already created (and probably don’t even remember creating), put them in your digital content vault, and watch you elegantly repurpose your content again and again.


What is a Digital Brain?

It’s like Netflix for your content, but even better! Why? Because it’s a collection of your greatest hits! And just like my not-so-secret obsession with rewatching RuPaul's Drag Race, your Digital Brain makes every piece of your awesome content a bingeable, evergreen masterpiece. 

Each blog post, podcast, video, book (and all the other content you’ve created)? They're not just one-off ideas. They're your timeless series, ready to be repurposed for your audience to binge over and over again in new and creative ways.

So, instead of creating new content from scratch, our team will unearth your classics and let them shine in reruns!

Is A Digital Brain Buildout Right For You?

Not only is a Digital Brain Buildout right for you–it’s PERFECT for you if any of these reflect your content creation mindset…
If these are scarily similar to what you’re feeling, using my team to create your Digital Brain Buildout is the content creation game-changer you've been searching for!

See The Future Of Your Content Creation Strategy

Here’s everything your Done-For-You Digital Brain will gift you with…

Archived Content Dive

Our team goes through your previous content, extracting the best quotes, insights, and moments that highlight your expertise.

Amplify Your Personal Stories

We'll identify and highlight those relatable moments and stories that have resonated with your audience in the past, which you can use to create emotional connections and amazing analogies.

Spotlight Your Personality

We ensure that the essence of who you are and your unique approach shines through consistently in your content by pulling out those moments where your personality shines brightest.

Theme Identification

We'll pinpoint the themes and topics you speak on most often so you have consistent pillars to guide your messaging.

Popular Content Review

Even your most loyal fans don’t see all of your content, so we’ll revisit your most popular and impactful content, making sure it gets reintroduced to those who missed it the first time and reinforced for those who can use the reminder.

Organized in Airtable

All the content we extract and refine will be organized in a dedicated Airtable base, making it a breeze for you to access, comment with our team, and use the content when you’re ready.

Ongoing Monthly Updates

Beyond the initial buildout, every month, we'll dig into even more of your content (old & new) and update your digital brain so your content choices stay fresh.

You create. We curate. That simple!

Andréa Jones

Hey, I’m Andrea!

Social media strategist, podcast host, and yes—the proud user of a Digital Brain Buildout. For nearly a decade, I've been navigating the ever-changing social media space, helping brands amplify their presence and resonate with their audience. The secret? Leveraging the treasure trove of existing content and maximizing its impact–over and over again! 

Having a Digital Brain isn’t just something that I recommend. It’s what my team and I practice daily. With the Digital Brains my team puts together for our done-for-you clients, we can echo their voice, vibe, and thinking, keeping things consistent and authentic. If it works wonders for them, imagine what it can do for you!

Let’s collab and create a digital brain of your own!

Revitalize Your Social Media Presence With Your Digital Brain Buildout

With a Digital Brain Buildout, our team dives deep into your previously crafted content—from podcast episodes and newsletters to social media posts and YouTube videos. We extract the gold, polishing it up for another round of applause.

Give your content the standing ovation it deserves! 

Let's reintroduce your classics and keep your audience engaged and growing!

$997 (Then only $497/month. Cancel anytime.)

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