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Savvy Social


An intimate, all-inclusive retreat designed to provide future-focused business leaders with an escape from the hustle, the space to refocus their priorities, and a deep connection with like-minded vision-chasers.

Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario, Canada
November 3-5, 2023

When Was The Last Time You Truly Felt Connected?

When your daily tasks filled you with excitement (instead of feeling like you’re operating on autopilot)

When you and your team chased a vision (instead of allowing “getting through the week” to be a regular measure of success)

When your big picture goals were in complete focus (instead of being a good idea you’ll flesh out when you have the time)

When your network was a community you could lean on (instead of just a rising number of followers and connections on LinkedIn)

When was the last time you gave yourself the space to reignite these connections?

What if I told you there was a business retreat that gave you exactly that?

A retreat that gives you the space to break free from your routine and trades in the seminars and sales pitches for a weekend of deep connection and even deeper work?

Deeper work on your thought leadership so you can be the influential voice your industry needs.

Deeper connections with a small community of visionary leaders who know what the future holds for their space–and want to know how to be ready.

Deeper work on strengthening your business’s future instead of leaving it all up to changing algorithms, government regulations, and recessions.

Deeper connections with your team so you can influence the growth of an inclusive organization that sets the standard in your space.

Deeper work on taking care of your mind, body, & soul so can have peace of mind as you reset and take these next steps toward building the future of your business.

The Savvy Social Retreat Is Where Game-Changing Connections Will Happen

Your host, Andréa Jones, invites you to the Savvy Social Retreat

The Cozy, Low-Key Getaway You’ve Been Waiting For

No more sprucing up your background or trying to keep your kiddos out of frame during your next zoom meeting.

This weekend is all about you being your most comfortable you (minus the distractions) as you connect with other rest-hungry, vision-driven business leaders.

Your host, Andréa Jones, invites you to the Hallmark Movie-esque town of Niagara-on-the-Lake to an intimate, all-inclusive experience no High-Energy Conference can rival.

(No funnels or sales pitches allowed!)

Put a pause on listening to conference speakers deliver shallow answers and start having meaningful conversations that leave you yearning for deeper connections and a renewed commitment to your vision-shifting ideas.


conversations and connections

for Business Leaders in the most unconference venue possible

A Comfy & Cozy Message From Someone Who Needs This Retreat

Just As Much As You!

Andréa Jones

Your host, Andréa Jones

I love the social media marketing space. That’s where I’ve built my expertise, grinding away for my clients, my students, and my mentees. But as much as I love this work, lately, I’m feeling what too many of my clients and business owner friends are experiencing in their individual zones of genius.

Running a business is all-consuming, and after getting so caught up in this life, it’s easy to forget that we’re all human.

And what drives us as human beings isn’t work. It’s connections.

Not the transactional connections we rely on to grow our businesses. I’m talking about the connections with others that challenge us to be better and the connections to the work that has an impact beyond this year’s revenue goal.

It’s these connections that drive us to do better and be better for the people we serve and the people on our teams.

I’m passionate about reviving these connections in all of us, so my rose-colored glasses view for this retreat is to provide the type of atmosphere that breaks down professional barriers, cultivates conversations that truly matter, and allows you the freedom to think deeper and bigger about the work that matters to you most.

Crave Over Your Cozy Accommodations

We’ll spend our quiet weekend of modern, country elegance at the beautiful Five-Star Pillar and Post Hotel. Located in the heart of peaceful and picturesque Niagara-on-the-Lake, your stay will be a plush experience you’ll never want to end. 

From first-class bedding to lush bathrobes, the hotel is outfitted with accessible rooms draped in comfort. Enjoy the on-site 13,000-square-foot spa while experiencing vintage, fine wines.

Once you arrive, there’s no reason to leave until you’re ready to catch your plane. Even then, we can’t blame you if you extend your stay at your home-away-from-home for another day–or two.

Crave Over Your Cozy Accommodations

Savvy Social Retreat Theme

The Future Of...

In a rapidly evolving world impacting every industry, our retreat can’t afford to continue the superficial chatter we’re all used to. So we’re diving deep into the truths, fears, and promises of tomorrow's trends, challenges, and opportunities unique to innovative founders like you. Guided by renowned facilitators, immerse yourself in transformative conversations shaping the narrative and trajectory of your business’s future.

Retreat Agenda

3-6 PM Mix & Mingle Happy Hour
7 PM Dinner at the Cannery
7-10 AM Drop-in Style Breakfast at The Cannery
11:45 AM Break
1 PM Lunch
4-6 PM Free time
6 PM Offsite Dinner & Wine Tasting at Château des Charmes
7-10 AM Drop-in Style Breakfast at The Cannery
12 PM Closing + Final Close with Andréa Jones

Meet Your Connection


No soapboxes or superficial talks. Just deep conversations led by some of the best conversation facilitators I know.

Avery Swartz


Crystal D'Cunha


Nechelle Bartley


Tanya Geisler


Lindsay Johnson


Darius Bashar


This retreat is just for you if…

Maybe you should try something else if…

What's Included

Here’s A Quick Retreat Recap + A Few More Important Details:


Because you are more than a face in the crowd, we want your professional image to shine. Every attendee will receive a complimentary headshot, perfect for elevating your online presence and making lasting impressions in your industry. Photos and Videos provided by Double Jay Collective.

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What's Not Included

Flight Costs

Savvy CEO Retreat - Transportation

Transportation to the Hotel from the Airport

Savvy CEO Retreat - Room Upgrades

Room Upgrades

Savvy CEO Retreat - Spa

Access to On-Site Spa


Will there be a big sales pitch on Sunday during the final sessions?
No! This weekend is all about connection and conversation, not pitching.
I’m new to my business, and I really want to attend. Can I come?

This event is catered to established business owners, so you likely won’t find it beneficial. But there is an online community you can join that will connect you with business owners on your level. Visit here to learn more

When is the last day to cancel?

There are no cancellations or refunds at this time.

Can I bring my partner?
Of course! As long as they aren’t participating in the event, they are welcome to join you, but if they participate, you must pay a separate registration fee. One more thing. If you want to upgrade your room, our team would love to help you with those arrangements.
Will there be a schedule for the weekend?

Yes! As we move closer to the event, all registrants will receive the schedule by email.

Do I have to pay tax?

The ticket price is inclusive of local sales tax. Our tax ID number is 786987941.

I have more questions!

No worries. Email us at, and we will get back to you with an answer.



Lindsay Johnson
Business Strategist & Founder of The Radical Connector
Lindsay Johnson
The Future of Connection

This retreat is all about connections, and Lindsay is our super connector! Lindsay will be leading our two connection events, where they will help leaders break the ice and make connections that go deeper than a business partnership.

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Darius Bashar
Celebrated HEARTshots™ Photographer & Founder of Artist Morning
Darius Bashar, Retreat Facilitator
The Future of Creativity

One of the first things business leaders abandon in a world focused on productivity, automation, and deadlines is creativity. As the tone-setter for our retreat, Darius will guide us on a playful and deep meditative journey to help us reconnect with our creative roots and revive our passion to create. Using his Artist Morning framework, Darius will lead us in group meditation, creative journaling, and heartfelt sharing sessions that will release the tension and ignite our desire to do exactly what we came to do–connect with other business leaders and reconnect with our big why so we can lead our businesses into the future with a renewed energy and passion.

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Andréa Jones
CEO of OnlineDrea
The Future of Marketing

Marketing is changing, and we don’t want to get left behind. Andréa will lead us in a dynamic discussion on the impact of recent changes in social media and digital marketing. This talk will encourage us all to begin to think a level deeper about what these changes mean for the future of our businesses and help us plan accordingly.

Nechelle Bartley
Financial Strategist & CEO of Her Future Wealth
The Future of Money

Is your financial strategy ready for what’s next in the evolving economy? Nechelle will facilitate an open and honest discussion on how money impacts our business and share resources that will help us stay financially stable and even thrive no matter what the future has in store.

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Tanya Geisler
Leadership Coach & Imposter Complex Expert
The Future of You

Even leaders suffer from imposter complex, right? Tanya will lead us all down a transparent path to learn how imposter complex limits us as leaders in how we show up to our teams, our clients, and ourselves. Then we’ll talk through the strategies that give us the confidence and motivation to be true to ourselves.

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Crystal D'cunha
Chief Experience Officer of the INSIDE View
The Future of Your Customer

If you were your own customer, how would you rate your experience? Crystal will lead us down a 90-minute journey mapping session to help fine-tune our customer experience and create such a strong connection that customers and clients keep coming back for more–and can’t wait to share their experience with others.

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Avery Swartz
Founder & CEO of Camp Tech
Flow Facilitator

This entertaining TV personality will keep us engaged, focused, energized, and on schedule so our retreat runs smoothly and our sessions don’t feed into your personal time.

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