It's TIMEAccording to Global Web Index Reports, the average North American spends 1.72 hours DAILY on social media. Digital marketing is no longer “a nice thing to have,” but rather a necessity for business of all sizes and niches.

I know: You’re too busy running your business or trying to figure out how to market your company on yet another social media site.
Trust me, I’ve been there and learning the world of digital marketing can be confusing and convoluted.

In this guide, I’ll break through much of that confusion by giving you 21 actionable steps to launching your business in the digital space.


In 21 Ways to Effectively Promote Your Brand using Limited Resources, you’ll learn the effectiveness of email marketing and content marketing, the value of your customer’s voice and your brand voice, and the importance of building strategic relationships within your industry.

This guide includes:

    • 21 Easy and Low Cost Steps to Going Digital
    • Motivational Quotes from Successful Entrepreneurs
    • 11 Bonus Resources
    • Plus, it’s FREE!


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Words Of Praise

“Andréa is a major asset and I I look forward to a continued business relationship with her!” ~ Elle Benét,

“Her creativity, paired with her knack for all things business, made her a total asset for our project.” ~ Kate,

“No one comes close to the quality of work Andrea provides; she’s AMAZING!!!” ~ Antionette,


Table Of Contents

Freebie Sneak Peek

I’m giving you a sneak peek into my content based marketing strategies and the best part is that they don’t cost much, if anything. All 21 tips in this guide are do-able BY YOU!

  1. Build An Email List
  2. Find & Use The Best Social Media Platforms For Your Niche
  3. Utilize Coupons & Freebies To Build Trust
  4. Make Content Marketing Your Friend
  5. Share Your Industry Knowledge
  6. Use Your Customers As Your Sales Team
  7. Establish Strategic Partnerships