Are you feeling overwhelmed with your online marketing strategies?

There are way too many social media networks and only 24 hours in a day. Not to mention creating the content can be stressful and finding your target market challenging.

Is managing your social media taking too much of your time?

Who has time to check Facebook, update Twitter, post a pic to Instagram, and pin a product on Pinterest. Before you know it, your work day is almost over and you haven’t started the “work” part yet!

Are you not sure where to start?

Which platform is better for your business? How do you set up a profile? What should you post first?

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Hi there!

I’m Andréa. The accent means my mom knew I was going to be really creative when I grew up. Either that or really dramatic… probably a bit of both!

I team up with overwhelmed creative entrepreneurs to develop and implement social media and content marketing strategies in order to free up their time for building their businesses. Whether you own an online boutique, edit a digital magazine, photograph newborn babies, or coach other business owners, I take a grassroots approach to seeking your ideal customer and building relationships with your audience in the online space.

It’s not always easy to establish an online presence while working on building your brand, products, and services. You should be in the trenches working on the foundation of your business. That’s where I come in.

I’m here to help busy brands like you maintain a solid presence with social media and content marketing through services and digital courses. So that when your customers are looking for you online, you’re there!



P.S. In a past life, I worked as a Spa Manager, Marketing Assistant, Movie Theater Concessioner, and a Disney Princess. Don’t believe me? Check out my LinkedIn!

P.P.S. When I’m not working, you’ll find me reading books and/or eating tacos with my husband and two pups in Southern Ontario, Canada.



The Exercise MovementAndrea has been absolutely incredible! Before I found her I was struggling to find the time to keep up with all of my social media platforms, and I knew I needed some serious help. Enter Andrea! Since finding her, she has been responsible for our social media management (and I say “our” because I consider her an integral member of The Exercise Movement Team). She has exceeded my expectations at every pic, post, tweet, and pin! I have full confidence in her abilities and I know that I can leave the social media in her capable hands.



My Ideal Client…

…has no time for social media management because s/he is too busy placing product orders, managing employees, balancing the books, and doing all the nitty gritty parts of running a small business.

…works hard seeking new business, making real-world connections, and honing their craft as a creative individual. They need a like-minded individual to create regular content for their website or blog in order establish themselves as an industry leader.

…is at the beginning stages of building a business and needs someone knowledgeable in social media and content marketing to take over the digital aspect of the brand while they focus on the bigger picture.

Is That You? Let’s Chat!